YouTube Trouble With WordPress 3.4.2 – Solved!

Just signed up for wordpress hosting few days ago. Began posting a few posts here, and just tonight had problems with embedding a youtube video. Spent few hours trying several plugins with no success.

The problems I ran into when trying to embed youtube video were:

  • After updating and publishing, I had a broken blog, all other blog posts below were gone
  • Or Ended up with just a link to click on,,, not what I wanted
  • Or half video player was there, older posts below were still gone.
  • Showed in Preview Post fine, but when published same problems mentioned above

After searching, trying various plugins to with no success, FINALLY found one that did work


WP YouTube Lyte Download or install thru wordpress, and “activate” it. All information is the same site link posted.

Can use either the long youtube url or the short url with a minor adjustment to the address –


Instead of posting the usual url with http://

Post with httpv:// …………………….. (notice the “v”)

and posting it as this in the wordpress html editor in your post:

So the youtube url looks like this: httpv://>>>>>

No “>>>>” in the address. Just found it works in regular “Visual” editor mode here in wordpress

It worked just fine, slightly as you can see in my post here. Hope it works for you!


As of 1-15-13, just posting the youtube share link in wordpress editor now works by itself! Not sure iff it was a wordpress update or not.

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