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Working on a HP Compaq CQ58 series laptop with very limited hardware with Windows 8, and upgraded to Windows 8.1. Dealing with “System Interrupts” in task manager running cpu at 45-65% alone non stop, 24/7 constantly. With no option to end the process in task manager. Spent 2 full days tweaking services, to lower memory & cpu usage down so the laptop will function.
By the way this Compaw CQ58 series was built with Windows 8, with an AMD 1.0 Ghz processor and only 2 GB memory,,, yes that is it. And “System Interrupts cpu usage was killing it completely. Well, what fix “System Interrupts” high cpu usage was installing an older version of AMD Sata Controler.
System Interrupts
Finally stumbled upon this post:
About 5 threads down

Check your Device manager, under IDE ATA/Atapi Controlers see if you have a AMD Sata Controler. Double click or right click on choose properties, check the “Driver” tab. This HP COmpaq had it listed as “AMD Sata Controler”.

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AMD Sata Controler version on this laptop was from 1/22/14.
Found an older version dated 10/6/12, installed it over the top of current and rebooted. System Interrupts now running .8-1.2% (Before (45-65%)
The older version I found and downloaded off a Lenovo’s site here:
Version: / Release Date: 10/6/2012
Even though this laptop was an HP Compaq CQ58 series, driver above from Lenovo installed and fixed the constant high cpu usage from System Interrupts.
Searched for days on what this “System Interrupt” entry is, all I found was other folks looking for the same high cpu usage. Even tried adjusting power scheme, under power button, etc and turning off “Fast Boot”. That did nothing at all.

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