Windows 7 Update Error, Service Not Running – Solved

I had a Sony Vaio laptop with a bad hard drive recently. Replaced the hard drive, reinstalled Windows 7 Premium, hardware drivers and operating system updates with out any problems. I checked Sony’s site one more time, and missed one driver called Sata Hard Drive AHCI driver. Installed the AHCI driver and shut laptop down. Next day, I boot laptop up with no problemsm I decided to check for updates one more time before customer picks laptop up later in the day.

Windows 7 Updates service was red flagged, and would not run. Attempting to check for updates, I received “Windows Update could not run, service is not running, reboot computer to start service………..” Rebooting did not help. I also noticed Windows Defender would not run either, it opened once but could not check the program for updates.

So I googled around and found all the possible fixes from, registry edits, .bat files, CMD commands to restart needed services, checking update settings etc none of them corrected the problem. I also noticed any restore points (which I did have 2 days ago) since reloading windows AND updates were all gone. 2 of the posts I came across mentioned “Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver”. I went on trying to repair this new problem with the other possible fixes.

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The day before everything was working fine, Windows Update downloaded and fully installed updates the day before. The day before I installed that one last driver,, Sata Hard Drive AHCI driver, and now Windows Update Check, Windows Defender services are started but will not run. And newly created restore points were gone also. I had a very good feeling this problem had to do with the Sata Hard Drive AHCI driver off Sony’s website the day before.

This Sony laptop showed an unbelievable amount of drivers, utilities, applications “bloatware” on there website for this laptop. I DID NOT want to go through reloading everything from scratch again, since I just basically completed it the day before. And restore points that were there the day before, are now gone. That service showed not running also!

Remind you, the customer was due to pick his laptop up here on this day. Took a chance on installing Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver, as is right over the top of what I had here. It fixed, solved the problem that I had with Windows Update,, services not running when they showed running, Windows Defender problem. Restore points auto created again, and Windows Defender was functioning again. (Windows Defender was the least of the problem).

The exact file I used even came off of HP’s website: SP47845.exe
Direct Download From HP:

Intel Rapid Storage Technology – Download Center

** Use at your own risk **
You need to look at the other possible obvious reasons, causes or fixes first: Windows Update settings correctly set to Check or Auto install, services running etc.

This fixed the newly fresh Windows 7 Premium 64 bit Windows Update problem here with this Sony Vaio laptop. I tried ALL other methods to repair the failed Windows Update check which did not work. The problem began AFTER installing the Sony Sata AHCI driver, all Windows updates succeeded prior to installing that Sony Sata AHCI driver. Evidently, this “Sony Sata AHCI driver” also wiped out any restore points, so that option was out. Restore points were there prior to this “Sony Sata AHCI driver” install, updates were working fine prior to this “Sony Sata AHCI driver” install.

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  1. John  November 6, 2016

    You are a GENIUS!
    Thanks so much, you solved my problem. 🙂


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