Vamo V6 Variable Watt APV Ecig – Basic Guide & Instructions

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The Vamo V6 is a high performance variable wattage APV (advanced personal vaporizer). Available in price range for approximately $30-$50 depending on full “kit” (batteries, charger, eliquid tank etc) or device only.

  • .75″ OLED Display
  • Variable Wattage 3.0 – 20.0 Watts (.5 watt increments)
  • Improved Display & Menu System
  • Memory Function
  • Reads Atomizer Coil Resistance
  • Protection: Over Discharge, Short Circuit, Reverse Battery, Low Resistance
  • Thread Connections: 510 or Ego style
  • Maximum Output: 5 Amps
  • Low Voltage Cutoff (Low Battery Level)
  • Variable Vape Cut Off Time of 0-30 seconds (Default is around 8 seconds)
  • Works With 1-IMR 18650, or 1 – IMR 18350
    Telescoping Mod – No
    Variable Voltage – No
    Variable Wattage – Yes
    OLED Display Screen:
    Shows atomizer resistance, wattage output current, vaping puffs, and vaping time. Also allows you to turn the screen on or off for stealth.

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    IMR eFest 18650 Battery
    1 – IMR 18650 for long version of Vamo V6.
    1 – IMR 18350 battery for short version of the Vamo V6.
    Recommend only running High Drain IMR batteries in this device.
    Button Top” batteries are best, flat top batteries have had some connection problems. Do NOT double stack 18350 batteries, this APV is not designed to hande the extra voltage.
    Vamo V6 Operating Instructions:

  • To power on: click big button 5 times and “Hello” & system on is displayed
  • To power off: click big button 5 times to turn Vamo V6 off completelty
  • Press the “+/-” button to increase or decrease the wattage. (0.5w increments)
  • Press & hold the “+” button more than 3 sec, LCD screen displays the present working atomizer resistance
  • Press & hold the “-” button more than 3 sec, the LCD screen showing the remaining battery volts
    Vamo V6 Display Screen:

  • To enter the Menu System: Press the + AND – button together for 2 seconds
  • Move through the menu by the + or – buttons as the up or down
  • Menu Options: Resistance, Current (Amps), Smoke Time, Puff Count, Wattage, Voltage,Exit
    – If you see “Without Atomizer” that means it’s not making connection. Adjust your center pin and retry.

    – Below 3.4 volts (battery low) the Vamo V6 shuts down (change or charge battery)

    – High Voltage: The OLED displays “HHHHH” when voltage exceeds 9 volts

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