Vamo V2 APV E Cig – Basic Guide & Instructions

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The Vamo V2 APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) is a high performance, variable volt, variable watt APV. An Ecig, or electronic cigarette, much more heavy duty, more power, more vapor depending on your tank, cartomizer and settings. Features a blue OLED display, Power/Fire Button and 2 smaller + & – buttons to increase volts/wattage. The + & – buttons also have a few other settings available for your preferences.
Vamo_V2_chromeThe Vamo V2 APV e cig produces a massive amount of vapor and throat hit with the right settings, and atomizer. The Vamo V2 is for the advanced e cig user. Now around $40 for the Vamo V2 is an excellent price, solid quality and great vape! (Batteries & battery charger needed also)
I purchased my Vamo V2 about back in June 2012. It came with no instructions at all, just in a box. After a few weeks of figuring out and picking pieces of information, I put it all together with the information below. Updated 9/2014, same Vamo v2 still operating fine.
Color Options:
Chrome, black chrome or stainless steel. The stainless steel version is about $10 more in price. Have heard on the chrome or black chrome Vamo versions the finish tends to wear off, and leaves blemishes on the finish. Mainly due to the oils on your hand etc. Have not had this happen to mine as of yet, I have the Black chrome version. There are Vamo wraps or skins that you can further personalize the Vamo. So if the chrome or black chrome finish blemishes, you can invest in a “wrap” or skin for it.
Vamo Threading:
510 / Ego. Compatible with 510 atomizers, cartomizers, Vision Ego Clearomizer 2.0, Ego CE4 PLUS V2, Vision Vivi Nova Tanks, Smoktech DCTank
(Kanger Clearomizer requires 510-Ego Adapter)
Vamo Wraps & Skins:
Vapor Skinz

Vamo V2 with the Black Carbon Fiber skin >>

Vamo V2 Carbon Fiber SkinFrom Vapor Skinz – the Black Carbon Fiber skin also includes the smaller skin for the Vamo V2’s extender piece. Goes on very easy. Great quality skin for the Vamo V2 from Vapor Skinz. Gives the Vamo V2 a better look, better feel and improved grip! No more finger print magnet! Updated 7-3-13, Vamo skin has been on 16 months now, and still in perfect shape, still looks brand new.
I ordered my Vamo V2 APV e cig device on sale through Exhale Vapors for $39.99. The Black Chrome version, 4 photos on page is my Vamo V2. With charger and batteries around $70 total.

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Innokin iTaste SVD Variable Voltage ECig
Mom & Pops Vapor ECig Shop

Mom & Pops Vapor Shop – 10% Off All E Liquids Using Code 10off

Give “Tobacco Blaze” and “Buds Blend” a try!

2 Awesome Tobacco EJuice Flavors! 🙂

Read the reviews on “Tobacco Haze” on site

Vamo V2 Batteries Compatibility:
IMR or AW “unprotected” type battery cells ONLY.
IMR eFest 18650 Battery

– IMR 18350 Unprotected Type (Short Battery)
– IMR 18650 Unprotected Type (Long Length Battery)
Flat or button top batteries will work in the Vamo V2
The Vamo APV e cig is not a “passthrough”, batteries are charged in a separate battery charger.
Vamo V2 Battery Configurations:
– 1 IMR 18350 battery for short length Vamo
– 2 IMR 18350 batteries double stacked for longer length Vamo
– 1 IMR 18650 battery for longer length Vamo (same length as double stacked 18350’s)
The Vamo comes with an extender center casing adapter for the longer Vamo. I prefer the shorter, single 18350 battery setup. It is a much stealthier, and good size to handle in hand. The long length option (with the 18650) battery, it begins to look like a police officers night stick.
Vamo V2 Variable VoltPhoto to the right >>>

Vamo V2 with extender adaptor (long version) next to a Ego 900mah King Battery e cig on the right >>>>

Single 18650 full length battery setup

With a Kanger MT3 tank on the Vamo V2

The Vamo V2 in short, 1 – 18350 battery without the extender tube casing setup is the same height as the Ego 900mah e cig with a CE4 clearomizer as you see in photo.
Vamo V2 Battery Run Time:
I’m using eFest brand IMR 3.7v on both 18350 & 18650 batteries:
– Single IMR 18350 is 800mah, I get about 3 hours of moderate use. 800mah expected.
– Single IMR 18650 is 2200mah, I get about 1-2 days vaping.
– Remaining volts (battery life) can be displayed on the Vamo’s OLED display
– Fully charged battery reads 4.2 volts, at 3.3 volts Vamo displays “LOv” – time to recharge batteries.
For example, with the 18650 2200 mAh battery, if I’m using the Vamo ALL day long the 18650 battery will last the day. If I am mixing in the Vamo along with using my other e cig battery devices, the 18650 will last a few days.
Vamo V2 APV E CigI vape at around 6.0-7.5 watts average. Ohm resistance on tanks of 2.2-2.6 range. I work from home, so have a tendency to chain vape at times. Your run time will be different based on your vaping habits, settings and choice of battery brands available. Have heard batteries do a better job once “broken in” through 5 or 10 complete charge cycles. Other brand batteries, higher priced might give you more run time. The higher the “mah”, the longer the run time, that’s the way it is suppose to work anyway.

Note: the higher you run your wattage or voltage on the vamo, your battery run time will decrease quicker. A single 18350 800mah battery above 7-8 watts only lasts maybe 2 hours for me.

Have read many recommend Panasonic IMR batteries. The quality of the battery, higher mah rating, your vaping habits, how long your “vapes” are, variable volt settings and how you take care if the batteries all determine your run time. Good idea to get yourself familiar how a volt meter works to manually check your batteries discharge & charge volts. Important not to over charge, or fully discharge the batteries. The Vamo V2 shuts down basically when battery hits 3.3 volts = Low Battery on OLED display.

Tip: purchase yourself at least 3 batteries and rotate them into the Vamo V2. Keep 2 fully charged as you use one (set) in the Vamo V2.
Battery Charger:
Using a Trustfire TR-001 Battery charger. Not the best, have heard others have had problems with, I have had no problems charging eFest IMR 18350 & 18650 batteries. Does a good job for the price of $11.95. Charges both 18350 & 18650 batteries without any spacers needed. The 18350 battery charges in about 3.5 hours, the 18650 charges in about 6.5 hours. Charger light goes green when battery hits 4.2 volts, fully charged. Have checked battery coming off green light charger with multimeter. Make sure your charger stops charging at 4.2 volts, remove batteries from charger. Do not leave in the charger unattended! From other info I found, more expensive chargers might charge the batteries quicker, safer. I have 3 – 18350, and 2 – 18650 batteries which I always have charged. I also have 2 Ego 900mah, and 2 1100mah EGO ecig batteries that I switch off to.

A better battery charger – Xtar WP2 II
2 additional spacers are need to charge 2 IMR 18350 batteries at the same time with the Xtar WP2 II. Many vapers recommend the Xtar WP2 II charger.

Basic Vamo V2 Operating Instructions:

Note: when you first put a battery in, the display screen might flash on & off, the unit is NOT on. You must click the larger “fire” button quickly 5 times to turn the Vamo on, and off manually.

Battery(s) goes into unit positive (+) side first.
Screw on end cap.
Press larger button 5 times quickly to turn unit on / off.

*** Important ***

Press and hold either left button (+) OR right button (-) 10 seconds to switch to >
*** RMS mode (NO2) – RECOMMENDED ***

AVG mode (NO1) – For advanced users only!
AVG (NO1) mode will burn the crap out of your e juices!

*** RMS mode (NO2) mode is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR USE! ***

Press the left button (+) to increase voltage (v), right button (-) to decrease voltage
(Or wattage, depending on which mode you have set)

Press and hold the smaller right button 2 seconds for ohm reading of atomizer/cartomizer.

Press and hold the smaller left button 2 seconds for remaining voltage of internal battery.

Press and hold both right and left button (- and +):
for 3 seconds to switch from voltage output & wattage power.
Voltage is variable from 3.0 volts to 6.0 volts, in .1 increments
Wattage is variable from 3.0 watts to 15.0 watts, in .5 increments

*** The newer Vamo V3 only has one mode which is RMS ***

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Vamo V2 Safety Features:

– 10 second cut-off

– Low voltage cut off 3.2v OR short circuit – screen will display LOv

– If ohm is too low or volt/watt too high (screen will display LOohm)

– Reverse or Incorrect battery installation protection.

Low Battery: When a single battery is used, if voltage is less than 3.2v or dual 18350 batteries voltage is less than 6.4v, the screen will display LOv, which indicates that the batteries need to be recharged. Mine here sometimes cuts off at 3.3 volts.

Atomizers at 1.2ohm or less, the screen will display LO Ω, which indicates that you need to use a new atomizer at higher resistance.
Error Codes:
LO-Ω – Atomizer resistance is too low (below 1.3 ohms).
LO-v – Atomizer shorted
It should work well with most atoimizers with 510 and eGo connections and in variable wattage mode it should adjust well to suit most resistance atomizers (above 1.2 ohms) The Vamo has a 1.2 ohm cut off below. CE4 clearomizers fit fine, and just about any Ego tank will fit. How-ever, to use a Kanger T2, T3 or MT3 you will need a 510-Ego adapter.
Cleaning The Vamo V2:
Q Tip & Rubbing Alcohol – dip your Q tip with a bit of rubbing alcohol to keep the center battery connection, drip well cleaned periodically.
Don’t be alarmed if you hear a “pulsing” or rattlesnake sound coming from your tank coils on the Vamo V2. It is normal, it is called Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Vamo feature.
DO NOT over-tighten the atomizer/cartomizer – ejuice tank on the Vamo V2, it will cause it to break. Especially a 510 connector tank. Screw your tank on just to make contact and the tank coil fires – vapes. Over-tightening your atomizer/cartomizer can push the Vamo’s center battery connector pin down into the device which will pop the O-Ring out, ruining the device. Your tank will not make any battery connection = no vape, error message. Repairable, but not that easy for most. Vamo O-Ring Repair Link and video. #60 washer or O-Ring from a building supply store.

@7:30 in video – I have no battery rattle with either single 18350 or 18650 batteries. Have not tried stacked (2) 18350 batteries. The V2 version has a larger, stronger battery spring which holds the batteries tight in the Vamo V2.

Safe Vaping Power Chart – Guide

(Author unknown, credit to Reddit E Cig Sub Forum)
By using the Vamo to check the resistance ohms on the coil tank you are using, this chart will give you a general idea for voltage/wattage settings. It is all a matter of finding your own “sweet spot”. Start low and work your way up on wattage. A tank with low ohms resistance, and to high of a voltage or wattage can produce a burn taste OR can pop and damage the coil in your tank.

“Rule of thumb” when using voltage setting: For example if your tank coil is 2.2 ohm’s add 2, for total volts of 4.2. Add 2 to the ohm reading of your coil from the Vamo. Go up or down from there. I use the wattage setting and work my way up to my taste and vapor. I’m usually in the 6.0-7.5 area on wattage. Higher wattage can intensify the flavor, if your wicks are dry you’ll get a burned taste, increase vapor, a warmer throat hit and will decrease battery run time.
For those searching, and there have been searches to this article – “How do I put ejuice in the Vamo”. Ejuice does not go into the Vamo, ejuice goes into a separate liquid tank or clearomizer. For example like the ones below:

Best EJuice Tanks I Have Experienced With The Vamo V2:

Vamo V2 APVSmokeTeK Slim Vivi Nova is a great e juice tank that has become one of my favorite tanks. Holds 2ml of e liquid, completely disassembles for easy cleaning, replaceable coil head, great taste and VERY EASY vape or drag. You can find in many different colors to! To clean I soak in hot water for an hour or so, then soak in vodka for a few hours. I dry burn and tap coil on table with white rubber plug out, which knocks off some build-up off coil onto the table/counter. Table is white (or a white paper towel) so I can see the fine black chunks of buildup dropping out. With an old soft tooth brush I can reach the coil and carefully brush the coil, which will remove all buildup on the coil. So I, dry burn, let it cool for a few seconds, brush, dry burn etc,, and repeat a few times. With a old SOFT tooth brush, and brush lightly for you can easily snap the coil completely. I have 5 of these tanks, and have only replaced one with a new coil over the last 3 months.

Vivi Nova Ejuice Tank
Vivi Nova Tank excellent tank, easy vape and good on flavor. Holds 3.5ml of ejuice. When your ejuice gets down about halfway in tank, or below the 2.0 mark, tip and swirl the ejuice to wet the upper wicks. Or top off the tank with more eliquid. Vivi Nova does better running lower volts or lower watts. Disassembles for easy cleaning, same as the SmokeTeK Slim Vivi Nova above. Overall a great tank.
Splitfire Tank does a good job also on the Vamo V2. Dual chamber tank, holds about 3ml of e juice. Tank is heavier than most tanks. Has 4 wicks. Important to prime the upper wicks, top portion air chamber of the Splitfire tank when new or after clean and dry, to use right away. Replacement coil heads for $2.95. Comes fully apart for dis-assembly, and easy to cleaning. Changing out the wick and coil is a problem though. Installing a new coil head is difficult. You have to thread 4 wicks thru 4 very small holes. First head I changed I destroyed one of the 4 wicks trying to thread through. The coil is easy to clean, but to change it out completely is trouble-some.
Mom and Pop Vapor Shop

Kanger MT3 rebuildable tank is an outstanding tank for the price of about $5-$6. It has a bottom coil, so your e juice feeds from bottom of tank. No tipping or swirling of the e juice needed, as other type top coil feed tanks. Very consistent vape, excellent flavor and tons of vapor with the Kanger MT3. Easy to clean, easy to fill and the coil/wick is replaceable. I clean the coils, and rotate heads about once every 2 weeks or sooner. I soak tank and coil head in hot water, then vodka for a few hours and a quick dry burn. Actual coil on the dry burn is hard to see, it has a over-lapping wick over the top of coil. I pull the over-lapping wick off top of coil with tweezers, and replace after a dry burn. Some complain about leaks or gurgling with the Kanger MT3 or T3. I re-align the wicks everytime I clean. If needed I cut some small wick off of an old CE4 clearomizer to add to the over-lapping wick on top of coils. Making sure there are no gaps in wick & center tube for excess e juice to leak through. Replacements coil heads are 5 for $6.00

You DO NEED this 510-Ego adapter in order to use the Kanger MT3 with the Vamo V2.
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Innokin iClear 30 Clearomizer – Not the best, far from it, and NOT my favorite. For me, this tanks leaks like a garden hose that sat in the sun for 10 years. I thought the iClear30 was going to be a good tank, but had to mention here…..
– Nice pivoting, swiveling mouth piece that can be angled.
– No adapter needed, the iClear30 screws right on to the Vamo’s 510 connection.
– The iClear30 is a large, dual-coil clearomizer for larger APV’s with a 510 connector
– Holds 3.0 ml of e juice. Only fill to 2.5 or 2.6 other wise it’s leaks & gurgles.
– Tons of vapor and very easy to drag, and good throat hit. Vapes like a champ, but….

– E juice flavor is muted down, no taste or every flavor has a metallic taste.
– Leaks, Leaks and Leaks through the bottom onto ecig battery.
– Burns through the 18350 batteries real fast, possibly due to the dual coils in the iClear30.
– The iClear 30 Clearomizer has 16 wicks, e juice usage is increased through 16 wicks & leaking. The leaking adds to the ejuice usage also. Complete waste of money of this Innokin iClear 30 with the experience I have had with it.
Vamo APV ECig GunmetalOut of the tanks mentioned above, my 3 favorite tanks are the SmokeTek Slim Vivi Nova, the Kanger MT3 and the regular 3.5ml Vivi Nova tank. Have tried many e juice tanks both the Slim Vivi Nova and the regular Vivi Nova are my 24/7 tanks now. Mainly what I use on the Vamo is the Vivi Nova, the Slim Vivi I’ll use on the regular Ego 900 mah e cig battery. I also swap them around to. Both are easy to drag on, and e juice flavor is great not muted down as some other tanks I have tried. The trick with the regular Vivi Nova is lower your volts or watts down when on the Vamo. Depending on your e juice and PG/VG ratio the regular size Vivi Nova vapes great for me on the Vamo at 4.5-6.5 watts, with a 2.4 ohm coil. As your e juice gets low, tip and swirl or top the tank off with more e juice.
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Tip – Prime The Wick: with any eliquid tank, either after cleaning, and dry burning, or with a new coil it is important to “prime” the coil. Prime the coil by pulling white rubber center plug out, and drop 1 drop of e juice directly on the coil, to prime and get it wet. Then replace the white plug, and fill the tank directly on the side(s) where your wicks are at, soaking the top portion of the wicks as you fill. Give it a minute to soak in. Lower the volts or watts down on the Vamo V2 for the first couple of hits, then adjust up to your usual setting. I never get a dry hit with ANY new wick/coil or cleaned dry coil anymore doing it this way.
Mom and Pop Vapor Shop – American Made E-liquid and more!
Try “Tobacco Blaze” excellent medium tobacco flavored ejuice!
Closest ejuice I have tried that resembles actual tobacco flavor.

“Buds Blend” – an excellent smooth tobacco flavor. Tobacco under-tone and throat hit on the inhale, with a hint of cocoa or dark chocolate on the exhale. AWESOME flavor! Also available in menthol!

“Buds Ordinance Bomb” – Similar to “Buds Blend ejuice” with an extra kick. “A nutty tobacco flavor made initially for our overseas military customers.” 🙂

“10FORTY”– light refreshing vape. Listed under tobacco ejuice, but to me “10Forty” tastes like a “lemon drop”, slightly lemon sour flavor. It’s a nice vape though. A 3-4 second vape/drag off a drip tip will hit your throat real good and nose to.

“Tobacco Haze” & “Buds Blend” are my regular vapes from Mom and Pops Vapor Shop

Mom & Pops Vapor Shop – 10% Off All E Liquids Using Code 10off

Mom & Pops Vapor Shop ships same day. The last 4 orders I have received here in 3 days here. Customer service has been “top notch”. Mom and Pop Vapor Shop is highly mentioned on Reddits ECig sub forum for there ejuice flavors and service.
Misc Notes:
IDrive Data BackupThe Vamo V2 for me, does a better job using the wattage adjustment. I went the first 2 weeks using the voltage adjustments in the range of 3.9-4.5 volts. Then switch over to the Vamo’s wattage setting and vaped for a week. I believe a much better vape for me on wattage adjustments in the range of 6.0-7.5 wattage range. Vapor, and overall flavor was twice as good it seemed for myself. Most of the tanks I am using are in the 2.1-2.6 ohm resistance range.

I initially ordered 3 – 18350 batteries, then a few weeks later 2 – 18650 batteries. I always have the spares charged. I mainly use the Vamo V2 in the short, 1 – 18350 battery setup. I have never ran stacked 18350 IMR batteries, if I want the longer Vamo with longer run time I use 1 – 18650 IMR battery. The Vamo V2 is heavy, and even heavier in the longer 18650 battery setup. When switching back to my Ego 900mah King batteries, these feel like pencils compared to handling the Vamo V2 for a while.

The first version of the Vamo had a weak spring, which caused a rattle of the battery, or a disconnect. The Vamo V2 (version 2) they have fix this issue, my Vamo V2 does have the larger, stronger battery spring. I using flat top batteries, there is no inside rattle at all.

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The Vamo V2 APV e cig you can find on sale for about $39-$49. Batteries for about $6-$9. And charger for the batteries around $12-$20. This electronic cig is not a “pass through”, you have to remove battery(s) and insert into a charger to charge. Battery run time depends on YOUR vaping habits, and how high you have the volts or wattage setting on the Vamo V2. The Vamo V2 produces a massive amount of vapor, and a consistent e juice flavor and throat hit. Through the adjustable volt and watts settings you can control or set to your preferences. I use the Vamo V2 E cig mainly around the house, and use the other smaller e cig devices everywhere else.

I do recommend investing in a skin for the Vamo. The Vamo V2 is on the bulky heavy side. Chrome or Stainless casing finish is slick or can feel slippery. The Vamo V2 is also a fingerprint magnet. I ordered my skin, photo near top from Vapor Skinz about 2 weeks after receiving the Vamo V2. Once the skin went on, it gave the Vamo V2 a MUCH better feel and grip! Black Fiber Carbon skin is the one I ordered, which does give the Vamo V2 some texture, better feel and grip now.
The Vamo V2 I have owned and used now for 18 months. I use it everyday. For around $40 just for the Vamo V2 device, it is an excellent product, for the price. I have multiple batteries I keep charged, I keep the drip well and 510 connection clean and have had no problems at all with my Vamo V2. I have never dropped it, has never fallen off a table and have never over-tightened a eliquid tank on it.

Also now own a Innokin iTaste SVD Telescoping APV, better build quality over the Vamo V2, Stainless steel (no problems with finish wearing off), bit heavier over the Vamo. The iTaste SVD has a spring loaded center pin, no problems like some Vamo owners have experienced. Overall a solid APV. Purchased it here, from Hong Kong. Took 3 weeks but well worth the wait and price!
From >> Vamo V2 User Manual PDF File.
Credit to “Darthpistachio” forum member!



Updated Tip:

“The Vapor Room” on line e juice vendor – I DO NOT recommend.
Had a bad 1st time order experience with these folks. Bottles were mislabeled, wrong size bottles as ordered. “The Vapor Room” took over a week to respond, offered nothing to correct the problem or credit and deleted my asking for help off there Facebook page. Facebook was the only way I received any type response. I DO NOT, WILL NOT recommend The Vapor Room e juice vendor to anyone!

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Any questions comment below, I’ll try and answer for you.


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  1. mac  March 9, 2013

    recently a good friend of mine gave me a vamo v2 and i think its great. i have never used an electronic cigarette before. i find it works very well for me. that sure sucks you had a bad experience with vapor room i read on their website they were having problems with their phones so, i guess they are not very efficient in other areas as well. 🙁 anyway, i would say vamo v2 is a really good product.

    • Lightspeeds PC  March 9, 2013

      thanks for the comment. Have had the Vamo now for 4 weeks, great price, solid quality vaporizer. The Vapor Room completely “dropped the ball” and did nothing to correct it on my end, which I was quite surprised. Other vendors on line go out of there way to make sure all is good, The Vapor Room did not care one bit. They deleted my asking for help, my problem with the order after receiving off there FB page, THAT’s what told me what there all about.

  2. Dave Mac  July 6, 2013

    My V2 has worked fairly well for several months, but it is built rather cheaply for such a heavy-feel product (it doesn’t handle being dropped very well). MY QUESTION IS: have you ever seen or heard of an error message that simply says “02”. Mine does that and cuts off instead of vaping now. It will cut back on when you remove & reinstall the battery, then 5 quick clicks… but won’t vape, just cuts off again with same error. I replaced the atomizer on one of my Kanga tanks and it does the same, no help. Local retailer that sold it to me never heard of that 02 error message either. Thanks, Dave

    • Lightspeeds PC  July 7, 2013

      Never heard or had the “02” error code. How ever googling “vamo 02 error code” is showing quite a few posts about it. Defective product, circuit board sounds like.

  3. super king cigarette  July 24, 2013

    The concept behind the electronic cigarette from brands like 10 Motives, dubbed the “healthier smoking alternative” is that you can either use e-cigarettes to cut down on your smoking habits (alongside real cigarettes) or use them to help you give up completely by throwing your real cigarettes in the bin. Different kinds or classes are available where you can choose widely. Many e-juice manufacturers have become more inventive with electric cigarette flavours and they’re giving electronic cigarette smokers more freedom.


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