USPS Express Mail – Not Overnight 2 Day Delivery Failure

Recently had to order a touch panel digitizer for an iPad repair. I accidently cracked the first one installing and sealing it down. Customer was flying out of USA to Russia in 4 days for business. So I need this item quickly. Paid for USPS Express Mail, sent a note to supplier and they sent shipment out immediately.

USPS Express Mail tracking shows the postal service receiving package at 2:50pm (cutoff time for Express mail at this location is 4:30pm). Package did not arrive the next day. Package arrived the following day. That is 2 days, I do not live rural country area at all. What pisses me the most is the 2nd day tracking reported “Out For Delivery” at 8:44am from the local post office which is 10 minutes away. Package was delivered at 2:11pm.

USPS Tracking Express Mail
On the Express Mail Flat Rate envelope states:
“Please Rush To Addressee”

“Overnight” is NOT overnight by USPS!

USPS Express Mail is actually 2 day delivery!

Click for larger view >>>>
USPS Express Mail package was actually downtown in my city in one day at 11:10am but they took there sweet old time with the “Express Mail”, extremely urgent package and delivered on day 2 on the regular afternoon mail truck.
And on the 2nd day, leaves local post office on regular mail truck at 8:44am and not delivered until 2:11pm! Is this how they handle “Extremely Urgent” packages stating on package “Please Rush To Addressee”???? 8:44 out for delivery and not arriving until 2:11pm in the afternoon when the post office is 10 minutes away IS NOT rush or an expedited delivery.

This IS NOT “overnight as specified on the USPS website Now checking the USPS website, apparently “overnight” as advertised is actually 2 overnights, 2nd day delivery! There site shows “guaranteed 2 days later by 3pm” 2 days after receiving before cutoff time.

USPS Express Mail

And try to get a refund from the USPS is a joke. Other than false advertising and poor service, in the fine print the USPS postal service did there job. Extreme lack of urgency in delivering that express mail package. An “EXTREMELY URGENT” – “Please Rush To Addressee” ends up on regular local mail truck to be delivered with regular mail on route when ever they decide to get here. $19.95 for first class mail service.

I have another package coming via USPS priority mail. USPS received it 4 days ago, it is now Saturday and nothing here. Delivery Confirmation still shows “Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility” in the state where the supplier is located. Not including Sunday USPS Priority mail was delivered on the 5th “business” day

I recently read another complaint similar to mine. Customer had a $200 shipment coming via USPS Priority mail, WITH signature needed. Tracking showed “Out For Delivery”. Customer had to leave for work. Got down to end of street and seen mail truck parked. He walked up to mail truck guy was on his phone texting. He asked the mail guy if he could have his packages if he showed him his ID drivers license and address. Driver said he could not do that, and it will get there when he delivers it. Customer walked away and watched the driver continue to sit there texting on his phone.

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I learned my lesson this week, never again USPS, never again! I’ll stick with FED EX or UPS from now on. And any other suppliers listing USPS as the only ship option, I will keep shopping for other shipping options other than USPS Postal service. And the USPS wonders why they are loosing money, cutting back they cannot figure it out? High prices and poor customer service, with no sense of urgency.

Seeing ads on tv from USPS recently promoting there new priority mail. “New”????? Priority mail has been a service of the USPS for quite some time now. What gets me more is the commercial shows the mail workers and delivery personnel all in USPS uniforms with nametags etc. USPS mail workers around here deliver in jeans, tee-shirts or tank tops!

This was the first time I used USPS Express mail for what they state is “overnight delivery”, AND the last time I use or rely on USPS Express mail!

This is my own opinion…………
Quick Summary OF USPS Express Mail:
– Package arrived in delivery” city the following day, one day.

– Package not delivered to residence till day 2.

– “Urgent Overnight Express Mail” on regular mail truck at 8:44am on day 2, not delivered till 2:11pm

– USPS Express Mail Envelope “EXTREMELY URGENT – Please Rush To Addressee” (On regular local mail truck at 8:44am on day 2, arrives at 2:11pm IS NOT RUSHED DELIVERY!)

$19.95 paid for “Express Mail” and ended up being fast “First Class” delivery during the month of April, NOT Christmas holiday season either!

I have received $5.95 Priority Mail in 3 days. Why $19.95 cost for “Express” when it is really 2 day delivery???

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  1. Chris  January 11, 2016

    Love it. I totally agree with this guy. Hell with USPS

  2. Lucy  November 1, 2017

    I am sick of the false advertising as well. My business provides over 1,000 a month on shipping to the USPS. But not anymore! Switching to Fed! I sent a package express mail to Canada on a Monday and it arrived the following Monday.

    I do understand that it can take longer since it was an international order, but my package was not handled as I paid. The Canadian postal service only took 1 day to clear my package. The USPS false advertising 3-5 days express international shipping has to stop. If you can’t deliver, don’t advertise it, right! My client purchased the label since 3-5 days was a good rate ($58.00). After analyzing the tracking system, the package was siting on the same location for 2 days in Harker Heights, TX, the primary location. Two days in Austin and 1 day in Chicago. WTH? When paying express you will think that your package has greater priority than others. Some one clearly didn’t do his/her job.

    I will not get my money back, but it is clear that the USPS is unreliable and should not be used. And don’ get me started on the poor customer service. I hope this company stops to exist in the near future.


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