Miracle Man, Fantastic Work!

Lightspeeds computer repair is the Miracle Man. After fearing that I lost my entire system, hard drive included, I called Lightspeeds for consultation. Lightspeeds told me to bring him my computer and he would see what he could figure out. My Computer would lock up on Start Animation and it was determined that the OS was shot. He reinstalled my OS, recovered all of my Data, Files (My Documents) and reloaded them onto my computer. His turnaround time was unbelievable. I dropped my tower off on Friday and had it in hand Tuesday afternoon. HIS SERVICE IS, UNDOUBTEDLY, THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE IN THE AREA!!!! $25 FOR A DIAGNOSTIC TEST! I CALLED COMPUTER EXCHANGE AND THEY GAVE ME A QUOTE OF $90 FOR THE SAME SERVICE!!!!!!! YOU DO THE MATH! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LIGHTSPEEDS PC FOR ALL OF YOUR COMPUTER SERVICE, MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR NEEDS!

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