I admit, at first when I called Lightspeed I was a little…nervous.. to say the least about a home based computer repair company, however, as a digital artist and Dungeon Master/Storyteller on the weekends not having my Alienware to carry around to meetings with my players was starting to become a real issue. So, I held my breath and took a chance with this company. AND WHAT AN AMAZING JOB!!! Not only was my computer ready in less than 3 days, the gentleman I dealt with was quite polite and friendly. A HUGE PLUS for a lady like me. I was also worried that since this was a home based company, that it would be piled roof high with tech stuff and just look… well… rather unpleasant like some of the computer places that I had seen before. NOPE. It was a well, kept, clean home and I didn’t feel swallowed up with wires and do-dads.

Now that she is home, my little baby is up and running, with NO ISSUES at all. He was able to save all my DM files, player records, and even my videos made for the various campaigns and shenanigans I have in store for my players. If I EVER need any computer/laptop work done again I will not hesitate to return (and refer all my players) to this company.

From the bottom of my heart ( and my players), THANK YOU LIGHTSPEEDS!!!!

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