Technorati’s Crawler Access Blocked By Your Robots.txt File – Solved

Just submitted the site/blog to Technorati yeaterday. In “verifying my site” or claiming site with Technorati I inserted Technorati’s claim code into home page and blog page. Went back to Technorati to “claim” site now that there code was entered on site, tried this 3 time and received errors each time from Technorati.

“Technorati’s crawler access is explicitly blocked by your robots.txt file”

My privacy settings with the blog was all set “to allow search engines to index this site”
(Technorati support suggested to check this privacy setting)

My robots.xtx had no entry that would disallow Technorati from crawling.

I entered this code below into my robots.txt file here on wordpress blog, under “Settings / Privacy”:

User-agent: TechnoratiBot/8.1
Allow: /

Clear blog cache, and tried again, for Technorati to “Claim”, verify ownership, it worked!
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  1. Ramesh  November 2, 2013

    Thanks For Great information for technorati


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