Battlefield 4 Graphic Settings Comparison

Found a great video, posted below that shows you a good visual comparison between Low, Medium, High and Ultra Battlefieled 4 video game settings.

Video shows there is not much visual difference between High to Ultra game settings.

Also the “Network Smoothing” setting within Battlefield 4 settings:

My default “Network Smoothing” was preset at 40, hit detection for the most ...

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Battlefield 4 – PC Console Commands

Note, I have edited, added, updated to this post since original post date of 10-14-13. Starting with Battlefield 4’s Beta to game release console commands, graphic settings, pc performance and overall game review.
Other than the Beta itself, I have narrowed the big performance issue down with Battlefield 4 that I myself and many others have been experiencing. From adjusting all settings and still low frames and stuttering, and reading the Battlefield 4 forum on performance problems, there ...

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