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Stealth Vaping ECig Techniques – E Juice

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Few things to remember, explaining to others that you are “vaping” and it’s vapor coming out of your mouth still appears to everyone else as smoke. Expect many questions, and able to answer those questions if you decide to vape up in public. Don’t be an ass, don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

Stealth Vaping E Cig Techniques:

Stealth Vaping

  • Inhale, hold it and then take a second breath in, exhale
  • Inhale, then inhale some more air afterwards. Hold it for 5-10 seconds and exhale. If anything comes out, it’s hardly visible
  • Inhale, then inhale some more air afterwards. Hold it for 5-10 seconds, exhale down inside of your jacket, shirt or shirt sleeze.
  • Techniques above –  exhale into a empty cup & straw
  • Hold it in longer than normal and blow the vapor hard at your feet. It’ll dissipate before it gets high enough for anyone to notice
  • PG/VG blended juices, PG doesn’t kick out half the vapor of the VG. Increase your PG blend on the e juices

Be smart, if you think you’ll get in trouble, fired from job or cause a riot, don’t do it!

Mom & Pops Vapor ECig Shop

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Give “Tobacco Haze” or “Buds Blend” a try!

“Tobacco Haze”, tobacco flavored ejuice, I found from another review posted on ecig forum site. It ranked in the top 10 Tobacco ejuice flavor poll by member votes. It has become my #1 ejuice ever since I tried few month a ago from Mom & Pops Vapor Shop. The closest flavor that immulates, tastes like an actual cigarette! Tons of vapor, and good throat & nose hit to.

Mom & Pops Vapor Shop Tobacco Haze video review
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      I haven’t ever really thought about stealth vaping before LOL. Thanks for the tips!


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