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iDrive Data BackupI was a Siteground Web Host customer for 2 years until just recently had a very bad experience dealing with Siteground. After trying to work a “site offline” and no help from Sitegrounds customer support, out of frustration seeing they were of no help, I canceled my account with Siteground.

Hosting with Siteground over the last 2 years has been fine, with no major problems until just few weeks ago. I checked my site one day, and it was offline. I had not checked this site in about a week, so I had no idea exactkly when it went offline and the reason. I contacted Sitegrounds support, and they instruct me to contact some other “3rd party host to resolve a DNS issue”. After some confusion about this, I contact this other place called “Name Juice”.

Well “Name Juice” tells me they need to verify me as Admin to my site? What exactly is to verify here, “check this site……….. it’s down offline isn’t it?? Fix it!” And I don’t even know WHO these people are called “Name Juice”. I been paying Siteground last 2 years, and last payment for renewal was just 5 months ago! Well this Name Juice place “needs my password to verify my account”,,, and asked them “what my Siteground password, because I do not have a password with you folks, I don’t even know who you are really, or what’s going on here”?

I call Sitegound back, asking them what exactly is going on here? They tell me they (Siteground) “made some changes and your DNS name needs to be changed or refreshed with Name Juice company”. Name Juice…” who the hell are they, I paid you, Siteground just 5 months ago for hosting!”. Anyway I tell them Name Juice “needs my password to verify password, which I do not have, never had with this other place”. Now how to I go about resolving this? Siteground instructs me to “ask them for another way to verify you”.

At this point I’m getting a bit pissed off at this confusion and mess. I call this “Name Juice” place back up, on hold each time mind you, I end up giving them my email. Name Juice stated they were going to send me an email, and to scan 3 utility documents that show my address?? And reply back with these as attachments to verify my address. What the hell is going on here now??? I need to scan and send utility bills showing my address??? Ok, I get it now, even though I paid Siteground for hosting, and Siteground is not in control or in position to correct the hosting problem with site offline. And “Name Juice” needs to verify that I am the owner, even though I paid Siteground,,, site is offline, before Name Juice allows my web site from Siteground back on line. Do you see the stupidity, the outrageous “BS” going on here?? Well I waited 4 days for that email anyway, 5 days never received this email. All this time now, and my web site has now been down 7 days maybe longer.

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Now I call Siteground support back up, and question them as to what is going on here. “I pay you (Sitegound), and paid for renewal hosting just 5 months ago, and site has been down at least a week or longer now”. I should not have to deal with this other 3rd party needing to verify me, or for me to send scanned copies of utility bills with my address, just to get my site back on line which I pay, been paying Siteground for. So I asked them “what do I do here, how do I resolve this”. They explain they could NOT “fix” the issue, it needs to be resolved with “Name Juice” company. I have 3 months remaining on YOUR hosting, “I expect a credit or refund on these 3 months………… Sitegrounds reply, “no, no we can’t refund or credit you”. “Fine cancel the account!”

I hang up, manually log in and manually cancel the account through there SITEGROUNDS Admin panel. 3 days later, I click on an old link from that site, screen showed “Account Suspended”. Not “OOps, Google cannot find the site……..” anymore, but “ACCOUNT SUSPENDED”. No big deal to me, I’m not surprised at all after what I experienced just a few days before with Siteground on the phone the entire afternoon.
In Summary:
I got the raw end from Siteground Web Host, would you want to deal with this?

Would I, or YOU honestly recommend this web host to anyone, I will not!

You pay a host for web hosting, and they make some changes, not notifying you. And your left to straighten out the offline site with another bogus company asking for your Admin password” to verify the account. I never had an account or password with this other company! I paid for hosting, web site been on line for 2 years, NOW site is offline, do to Sitegounds “changes”,, what is there to verify anyway??? Fix it, they did not, I could not straighten it out, and quite confused as to what was going on anyway.
Updated 2-19-13:
2 weeks after this ordeal with Siteground, now receiving calls from Siteground offering to “assist me”, and trying top explain that it was not there fault. To late Siteground, you should of assisted me when I first called. Siteground should of notified me before hand of any changes. Siteground should of notified me that my paid hosting site WITH Siteground was offline due to there changes. Siteground should of notified me of changes that was going to interfere with ones paid website with them, with no resolve on there end, and no credit refund for the remaining months. I canceled the account immediately later that day, after spending entire afternoon trying to straighten this mess out,, and account shows suspended now anyway. Did they come across my review here? or on Twitter?? You spend alot of time and work, optimizing a site that begins to make progress in search results and rank, you know what happens when your site goes offline?? Your search rank drops out. It was no fault of mine it went offline. Who did I pay hosting to – Siteground. Who made some changes – Siteground. Who did not notify before hand – Siteground. Who told me to work it out with another business – Siteground. Who told me there is nothing we (Siteground) can so – Siteground. Who told me no refund on your remaining 3 months of hosting – Siteground.

Does that say enough??? Unless you are looking for a web host to do this to you and your site, interested in added trouble and the hassle, stay away from Siteground Hosting. If you are new to starting a website and you do not want things to be difficult, stay away from Siteground hosting.

Site goes from “Ooops, Google cannot find…. url” to “Account Suspended” by Siteground. I wonder if Siteground found this review? And Twitter posts? And Facebook posts? Tumbler, Linkedin, Stumble Upon? Pinterest? 3 other blogs I have including this one.

Word of mouth and the internet travels fast Siteground. And I hope it does for others to see your outrageous move. I was just one customer that Siteground lost, how many more?

I WAS a customer, you know “old school” like maybe 20 years ago where the customer was the most important part of any business next to the employees. The problem here is Siteground already has my “non refundable” hosting payment.
This web site here is with another host provider.

Posted by: Lightspeeds PC Repair Evans GA
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  1. Lightspeeds PC  February 20, 2013

    I accidentally read, and deleted your comment by mistake Siteground. I show no records, statements, payments made to “Name Juice” or the other company you mentioned. “I was mis-informed,,, a victom of fraud”…. really now, tell me something I don’t already know. Was told due to some changes you need to contact to update name servers. that took me no where. On a call back to siteground was told go to Name Juice, and even provided the phone#, and have them “update name servers”. No password, No prior account with them to complete this. 3 calls back to Siteground got me no where, account canceled now, site removed from Google Webmaster.

    Why now after 2+ weeks are you able to provide more detail, and NOW help to resolve the problem? I canceled the account the day I notice web site offline and the afternoon on phone back & forth trying to work this out. Site been deleted from google webmaster, the site is shot, gone now, been offline to long. 2+ weeks to late now.

    Battery went dead on phone with your call yesterday.

    Folks Siteground post commented a lengthy explanation as to why this problem happened, by accident I somehow deleted it.

  2. webjockey  March 6, 2013

    Had a similar thing happen to me today. Had set up a hosting account with them for a client of mine in the middle of January. My client paid for a year and everything was fine until this morning when I got an email from them wanting additional information to ‘verify my order’. The site had been up and running for over a month and a half!! Their email also threatened to cancel the order if they did not hear from me in 24 hours!!

    I then log into the account to see what in the world is going on and find a notice there that credit card information needs to be updated. They say credit card is invalid. I wonder why on Earth does that matter when the card was valid when the hosting was paid for and the hosting is paid up until January 2014.

    I write them back and tell them what they want is ludicrous since the account is paid up for another 10+ months, that I’m advising my client to drop them, demand a refund and that I’m considering reporting their previous email for phishing.

    They responded minutes after I sent the email by putting up the ‘Account Suspended’ screen on the website. Fortunately the domain was registered elsewhere so I immediately pointed it away from them. They then sent an email shortly afterward which said:

    “This order failed on our internal verification, that is why we do require these additional documents from the credit card holder, since you are not willing to cooperate, we have issued refund back to the card as we could not provide you with our services without the additional papers.”

    I’ve had websites since 2000 and never had anything like this happen. I sware these people must sit around and think up ways to harass their customers. Did some checking on them at the Better Business Bureau and they don’t seem to think much of them either. Their rating is C+ and this is their description:

    “According to information provided by the company, it is a web hosting service operating from Panama, Bulgaria and London. The only known physical locations in the US are a Post Office Box in Washington, DC.”

    In other words they don’t even have a US office which makes them pretty much immune from any kind of legal action — accountable to no one….

    • Lightspeeds PC  March 6, 2013

      Yes, I actually had no problem with them until recently when this happened. Site was up & running with them going on 2 years. Then BAM, “Oops, Google cannot find the url”. Then there lack of help and the “run around” i spent back in forth that entire day was completely ridiculous. Siteground realized the problem existed, site was offline, they could not resolve the problem “it is out of ours hands.” Credit refund from Siteground on remaining hosting I paid for? ….. “oh no we cannot do that”. I signed and paid Siteground for web hosting, my site goes offline due to some changes I was told Siteground made with some hardware and domains. All this turned me completely off about Siteground and how they operate. And thanks for the Better Business Bureau link and post!

      “40 complaints filed against business” – 19 of which are for “Problems with Product/Service”, there ya go Siteground. I have not even added mine yet. That’s 40 recorded complaints with the BBB, makes you wonder how many more that are not recorded with the BBB like mine above.

  3. webjockey  March 6, 2013

    Update: Heard back from SiteGround today. Said they had refunded my client’s hosting payment in full due to ‘Failed internal verification’.

    I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on this and think that nine times out of ten these incidents are triggered by a complaint from a competing website/business (or someone that just hates you). The hosting company then hides behind its ‘Terms of Service’ so that they might stay out of the way of any legal crossfire that may ensue. Most TOS boil down to the pre-Internet sign found in many places of business: “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.”

    The easiest way out for the hosting company is to use these terms of service to itimidate you by making unrealistic and unreasonable demands until you give up and leave. Problem solved!

    Moral of story: Always have a backup of your site and especially the database.


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