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Megan Randazzo
Hephzibah GA GA 6/30/2017

  • Repaired 2 ipads for me. My daughters ipad mini, and my own ipad 3. Best price I could find in the Augusta area. Did a fabulous job on both iPads. Had both screen replacements completed the following day. Service was done 4 months ago, both now in Otterbox cases with no problems. Highly recommend, and better service than any retail location store from my past experiences.

    Patrick Scarboro
    Augusta GA 5/5/2017

  • My Asus laptop was very hot and powering off almost every 20 minutes. Found Lightspeeds pc repair, and checked my laptop with a temperature program which was in overheating range. Lightspeeds cleaned the inside, showed me photos off the before & after cleaning, new thermal compound. Now temperatures are 20-30 degrees lower (understandable when i seen the photos), running great and done the following day. All for $65. Expert repair, excellent price & service.

    Peter Holloway
    Augusta GA 5/1/2017

  • I read his reviews and decided to give him a shot. And could not be happier or any more satisfied. Current computer was beginning to show it’s age, outdated and under powered. Contacted Lightspeeds about a custom computer build. Provided him with a max budget and what I intended to use it for and programs I use etc. Built me a power house computer just under my budget. Solid State drive, 16 gb ram, computer is lightening fast completely setup with anti virus and other protection programs. Been running flawlessly with Windows 10 for several months now. Best computer I have ever owned. No more store bought pc’s for me, for this one will last me quite some time. Excellent communication, experience, service and quality. Will send referrals definitely!

    Mike O’Brien
    Martinez GA 4/6/2017

  • Outstanding work, service and PRICE! I broke the power pin connector in my laptop. Laptop would not charge or turn on. Lightspeeds PC replaced the power connector (showed me the removed broken part) and had my laptop running again & back to me in 2 days all for $79. Other place in town I called quoted me $199 to repair! Best service, PRICE & experience I have ever had at any prior dealings with pc repair places. Finally someone I can trust, thank you!

    Adreanna Broxton
    Evans GA 2/16/2017

  • Completely shattered my iPad Airs touch screen. Touch screen would not function at all. 2 corners took a nasty hit. Lightspeeds replaced the touch screen, reshaped the corners and completed the repair by the next day. Great price, excellent service and quality repair for a more than reasonable price. Highly recommend!

    Pat Kennedy
    Martinez GA 1/5/2017

  • Sorry for the late review, repaired my laptop back in October 2016. Laptop would not power on. Lightspeeds determined the power connector inside of laptop was broken. He replaced the broken part which required a complete disassembly of the laptop and soldering, and it’s been working great ever since. Much cheaper repair than a new laptop. $89 total to be exact. Only one other place I found in town does this repair, and they quoted me $160. Cleaned inside of laptop, and showed me photos to. Reasonable price, quality work and completed in 4 days with having to order the part. The reason I support small local businesses, simply cannot get better service or prices. Thank you!

    Tom Denton
    Dothan Alabama 11/19/2016

  • No one near me repairs ipads. Found Lightspped pc on the web, read his reviews, contacted and shipped ipad off. Notified the day they received, and 4 hours later (same day) email sent “repair completed”. Ipad was shipped back out the next day! Ipad was back in my hands within 6 days of shipping off from Alabama, fully repaired. Under $90 WITH shipping also. Excellent service, quality repair and communication was great, even with photos of the repair! Now need a Otterbox case for as I should of had it in.

    Lisa Hennesay
    McCormick SC 10/26/2016
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  • Our computer wouldn’t allow us to get to the login screen and nothing we tried worked. After seeing all the excellent reviews I called Lightspeeds PC repair and very happy to say I had the same great experience the others described. Friendly, easy to talk to, professional, fair rates which put me at ease knowing I made the right choice. Have had my share of bad experiences & ridiculous repair prices in the past. Repaired my desktop computer in 1 day for a total of $79! Anywhere else I would of been looking a $170 bill or buying new completely. He works from his home, but don’t let that bother you, he’s the best and knows his stuff well. Thank you Lightspeeds PC!

    Debbie Goldberg
    Augusta GA 8/24/2016

  • My “go to” repair place when my computers begin acting up. His prices are fair & reasonable. Service and repairs have been great every time. No “bank loan” needed compared to what other shops charge. Highly recommend!

    Matt Thompson
    Evans GA 8/17/2016

  • Shattered my iPad 3 screen, and Lightspeeds fixed me up in less than 24 hours. Also reshaped the dings and dents I had in corners, looks brand new once again. Best price in area, PLUS 10% off they had running total price of $71. Anywhere else in town was $97-$129. Excellent quality repair job!

    Brenda Collins
    Evans GA 8/6/2016

  • Repaired a laptop of mine at a very reasonable cost compared to where I have gone to previously. He works from house but don’t let that sway you away, friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and affordable in price. 5 star rating from me!

    Laura Harrison
    Grovetown GA 7/23/2016

  • Lightspeeds PC repaired 2 iPads of mine that both had broken screens. Price was right, provided me a discount for both ipads, and the quality of repair on both was outstanding. Both iPads look brand new once again. Repairs on both were done by the next day. Thanks you!

    Steve Malone
    Appling GA 7/14/2016

  • Contacted Lightspeeds PC about a custom desktop build. I use my computer mainly for office work, but I’m also a pc gamer. Have always purchased store bought computers in the past but they just have not done the job, and loaded with crap from manufacture. I provided him with a budget to see if he could build one for my needs. Don provided me with the hardware list and total price which was right at my budget, including his cost. Best damn computer I have ever owned. Built 8 months ago, fast as lightening and runs flawlessly with Windows 10. With no manufacture malware garbage either. Thank you, excellent work!

    John Lundin
    Evans GA 7/6/2016

  • Cracked my laptop screen and called around for replacement estimate. Found only 3 places in town that repaired laptop screens. 2 places both quoted me over $200, and Lightspeeds PC Repair at $115. So Lightspeeds is where I went. Very happy with the screen replacement, service and most of all the more than reasonable price. Over $100 less than anywhere else! Highly recommend!

    Leslie Cooper
    Martinez GA 6/18/2016

  • Mistakenly took my laptop to Best Buy, they told me my Windows 10 software was corrupt and have to wipe it completely and reinstall the operating system at $150. Plus another $100 for backing up my data before doing so? Found & called Lightspeeds PC Repair from BB parking lot, and quickly went back in Best Buy to get my laptop back from them. Lightspeeds PC Repair was able to repair my laptop WITHOUT wiping it clean for $69 total. That’s $180 LESS than Best Buys $250 total repair estimate! Lightspeeds PC had it repaired completely by the next day. Also showed me how easy it is to actually reset Windows 10 with keeping all files for future use. THANK YOU Lightspeeds PC!

    Bill Keegan
    North Augusta SC 3/9/2016
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  • Lightspeeds pc repair did an excellent job in repairing my desktop computer. Was hesitant due to past experiences at other repair places. Computer is running better than the day I purchased brand new! Very courteous, professional and low prices on repairs. Nice knowing I have someone trustworthy to call on. Highly recommend to all!

    Breanna Johnson
    Appling GA 2/22/2016

  • Upgraded to Windows 10 which became a disaster after the upgrade. Found Lightspeeds PC, checked the reviews here and was more than satisfied. Nice man, friendly, polite and very reasonable with his repair rates. This is the way computer repair should be! He works from his home but don’t let that fool you, he is very good at what he does. I NOW LOVE WINDOWS 10! Lightspeeds fixed me up. Been 6 months and running great. Highly recommend 5++ Stars!

    Cindy Williams
    Evans GA 8/22/2015

  • Repaired my iPad screen. Had it done the next day, quality repair at a very decent affordable price.

    Martha Myers
    Martinez GA 8/15/2015

  • Geek Squad quoted me a $240 repair! Lightspeeds flat rate repair which included virus removal, a complete cleanup, tuneup, software to maintain my pc AND anti virus software all for $89!! Do the math! My computer has never ran this well before. His quality of work and thoroughness is outstanding. Highly recommend!!

    Doug Parker
    Augusta GA 6/22/2015

  • Friendly, spoke in terms I could understand and a highly knowledgeable. Fixed my computer up few months ago, and still running better than ever. Service was great with decent prices. 5 Stars!!!

    Patrick Burnett
    Grovetown GA 5/15/2015

  • Excellent work & prices. Wish I would of known of this guy before hand. Been going elsewhere when problems arise and paying twice or almost the 3 times the cost. Computer is running great, as never before! 10 star review here, will highly recommend you!

    Stephanie W
    Evans GA 1/29/2014

  • I first brought a broken gaming desktop to Lightspeeds PC after it got tossed around during a move. He repaired that computer and it came back working and looking brand new! I also had a second desktop fixed recently by Lightspeeds PC, and again, he exceeded my expectations. The quality of work is amazing, the prices are great and he is a true expert. He also was able to save priceless pictures that were on the hard drive. Thank you so very much! I recommend you highly to everyone!

    Jonathan Horsager
    Evans GA 1/18/2014

  • This is the second time I have had a laptop computer repaired with Lightspeeds computer repair. They have always been extremely fairly priced and the service has always been top notch, quick, and reliable. Lightspeeds PC has always kept in touch with me while he has had my laptop and kept me apprised of any and all issues. Overall I would and have recommended this to all of my friends who have needed computer repair.

    Al Mamatey
    Evans GA 1/9/2014

  • Lightspeeds PC did a fine job of “tuning up” and optimizing my HP laptop. As a result, its performance and speed has improved significantly. He also was thorough in cleaning the external hardware (cabinet, screen, keyboard). I was especially pleased that he was able to turn the job around in one day after I explained to him that I had no backup computer. He also willingly shared his extensive knowledge with me by offering me a number of long-term maintenance tips, and he installed a different browser and several other helpful programs (free of charge). Plus, he’s “local,” which means that I can deal with him in person. It’s gratifying to know that I now have a “neighbor” to whom I can turn in the event of future computer-related issues.

    Maryann Williams
    Tampa FL 12/9/2013

  • I am a teacher in Florida. Several keys on my laptop keyboard had popped off. I went Officemax and they quoted me $200 to replace the keyboard?!?!? Contacted Lightspeeds PC via email wanted to know if I was being ripped off, he responded “most definitely yes”. He gave me a price, and I shipped my laptop to him. Total keyboard replacement cost of $69 including new keyboard AND return shipping! Outstanding price, and thank you Lightspeeds PC!!


    Patricia T
    Evans GA

    Lightspeeds PC has repaired two of my desktop computers. He was very honest and very knowledgable. I was very skittish because I have been burned by a large company that ruined one of my computers a while back. I took a chance on Lightspeeds Pc based on the internet reviews. I have been highly pleased and will never go to anyone else. He not only fixed my problems but put a free antivirus on my computers that does everything itself. I used to pay for that every year. I LOVE LIGHTSPEEDS PC’s COMPUTER WORK! You would be a fool to go anywhere else. These days the big companies hire young kids that dont know what they are doing. Lightspeeds PC can fix any problem you have. The best part is that i trust him and i can afford him.

    Moe B
    Augusta GA

    This repairman is a genius. I wish Doctors were like him. He knows the problem before he opens the computer up. He has repair 4 different computers for me and each time they worked better than when they were new. The main thing I like about him is he goes well beyond the call of duty. He does so many other things that he does not have to do to keep your computer running better. If you can beat his prices I would beware, otherwise you will not get the same quality repair Lightspeeds will give you. His repair prices are well below those of other computer repair companies. When you take your computer to him you can be assured of a good quality repair.

    Duane Maxwell
    Augusta GA

    Thanks to Lightspeeds PC for fixing my wife’s HP DV9000 overheating CPU/GPU problem. The communication before us sending the laptop was great. He was very professional and had the repair performed in a very reasonable time. We’re happy to be back up and running for a very reasonable rate when HP wanted over $250 for a repair that likely would not have been as thorough.

    Laura Duke
    Augusta GA

    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! WOW ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! What great service! I don’t see how anyone could ask for anything better. The service is quick and efficient and cheaper than it ought to be. I’ve been a computer professional since 1972, but I know when to go to a specialist. Everybody quit whining about not being able to buy products and service made in the USA and send their laptops to Lightspeeds PC. A+++

    Julie Mock
    Grovetown GA

    Lightspeeds PC is on my list of HIGHLY recommended companies! We have taken my son’s laptop to Lightspeeds PC 2 separate times for different repairs. Each time, Lightspeeds PC has given us A++ communication and A++ quality repair at very affordable prices! He replaced the broken case, tightened and repaired hinges, replaced a broken DC power jack, cleaned the fan, backed up and transferred important documents AND reinstalled the operating system because the original had become corrupt. This solved many issues including my son’s inability to connect to wireless networks. Don is truly remarkable. He is geared towards pleasing the customer and is such a hard worker. Thank you Lightspeeds!!!

    Wayne L
    Augusta GA

    I have an 4 year old HP laptop that had some unique power problems: with the battery / removal and power switch. After having no success in Aiken and as well with the Geek Squad who recommended I scrap the PC, I noticed Lightspeeds Computer repairs ad, called him and decided to give him a try. He does what he advertises. He provided knowledgable, affordable laptop repair in a timely manner. In addition Lightspeeds computer repair performed hardware diagnostics, validation of virus spyware, conducted advanced virus removal and optimization. This is provided as part of his basic service. I couldn’t be more pleased

    Mark Mancina
    Evans GA 1/6/2013

  • Best and fastest service I ever had. I caught the FBI Virus and he removed it, and had it back to me 4 hours later, that same day. Then put a new anti-virus on my computer and tuned it up and it is running great.

    Chris Mills
    South Carolina

  • I cannot give enough praise to Lightspeeds Computer Repair. First, he offered assistance through email (free) while I attempted to disassemble and clean my laptop myself. THEN he took the mess I had made of my poor pc and cleaned it and fixed it up in less than a day. Lastly he has has answered numerous emails since the repair about laptops and usage in general. This is the type of customer service and kindness that you don’t find anymore people! A good person who does a GREAT job at a ridiculously fair price (even with shipping!). Absolutely,100% would not let anyone else work on my pc. Thank you Lightspeeds PC!!

    David Baynham
    Evans GA

  • It was hard to determine who I should take my laptop to when my computer would not power up. Thank God for honest people like Don. He took the time to explain in layman terms the problem my laptop was having. The charge for the repair was very reasonable. I will call Lightspeeds Pc if I need computer help in the future.


  • My laptop kept running really hot and then would shut itself off. Had that same problem with my previous model. Took it to the media store we bought it from and the geek squad there charged us to inspect it only to tell us, not worth the repair. So we bought a new one. After now 1,5 years same problem with the new model. I was getting ready to buy yet another lap-top when a friend told me about Lightspeeds computer. What a great tip! Right over the phone he diagnosed the problem correctly and had my computer up and running within a day!!! it works better now than before. Thanks so much!! only regret, I wish I hadn’ t disposed my other lap-top and brought it to Don instead, would have 2 great working laptops now!!!

    Evans GA

  • Lightspeeds computer service repaired my laptop twice for different problems. I will not take my computer repairs anywhere else. You can depend on his word and he does it at a reasonable price. I also purchased a used laptop from Lightspeeds pc. I told him I needed something for my 9 year old nephew and he had just what we needed. Thanks for all the great work Lightspeeds !

    Corey Williams
    Milton Ruben Chevrolet – Augusta, GA

  • I had two computers that were covered under insurance, one that was dropped in transmission fluid and one that the DC jack for the power supply was broken, that I took to Lightspeeds PC to get fixed and he did an awesome job to both laptops. I’m currently writing this review on one of the laptops that he fixed, which shows you he’s very good at what he does. I would recommend his services to anyone!–Corey Williams – Augusra GAl



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