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I’m not sure what exactly “Unfriend Checker” found in internet explorer add ons list is. So far 4 computers lately have come in with this “Object Error” popup message which locks internet explorer browser up completely. You have to try and control-alt-delete to close it out, or end IE process thru task manager.

This “Unfriend Checker” add on has been the cause of this “Object Error” message on these computers. This “Object Error” only appeared on certain web pages, not all of them. This error was just happening in IE – Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox did not have this problem. My guess is it might have something to do with, came from or installed from Facebook app possibly.
First attempt to get rid of this error was by resetting internet explorer browser though the Control Panel > Internet Options > Advanced tab > RESET > Apply > Ok. This supposedly disables any and all internet explorer add ons. I open IE browser “Object Error” popped about in a few seconds again.

Then went to upper menu in IE > Tools > Manage Add Ons > and found all add ons disabled except for one… “Unfriend Checker” ??. The option to disable this rogue add on was greyed out. This alone told me something was up, bad with this IE addon. Object error was still happening on certian web pages and locking up IE.

If you are getting this error, it has to do with an add on or a toolbar (if applicable) installed in Internet Explorer browser, and this one was the IE’s “Unfriend Checker” add on found.

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How To Remove “Unfriend Checker” From Internet Explorer:

– Close IE (Internet Explorer)

Uninstall “Unfriend Checker” via Add & Remove Programs.
The Object Error error is now gone, especially on the pages where it was appearing, IE fixed.
Add-ons and toolbars are known to cause problems, and slow down browsing performance and speed.

If you are still receiving “Object Error” you have another rogue add-on causing the problem, this one was “Unfriend Checker”.

Updated 2-22-13:


Confirmed, Unfreind Checker > Facebook app >>
Watching as youtube video tonight 2-22-13, found myself staring at this advertised at end of video above. Most likely being advertised on Facebook and other places to. Could install from other malware or bogus programs also. Seriously, is it that important what on line “friends” from a website unfriend you, that you would be interested in this bogus program? Those “free” Facebook games & apps are not exactly free, they can install viruses, malware and poorly coded programs that cause problems with your computer.

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My other advice would be to use Google Chrome or Firefox for internet browsing. Internet Explorer is the worst, slowest and most problematic browser.

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