Microsoft Surface Pro Repairability & Cost – Beware

microsoft surface proBeware buyers, do your homework & research before you buy. The Microsoft Surface Pro is expensive, and difficult to repair. iFixit website gave the Microsoft Surface Pro the lowest possible “repairability” score of 1 out 10. 10 being easy, and 1 being very difficult, or risky to repair which it is.
Any mobile device, that has a glass display & touch screen when dropped WILL crack. Some of the most expensive protective cases fail on protection of these mobile devices. Same with every “mobile” device. What makes this worse is the repair cost of the components, and the difficulty, the time and risk or the repair.
Any place that does do the repair, make sure to read there terms of service that you sign. Most state that “it is a sensitive repair, if we scratch or damage any component they will charge you the extra cost for there damages during repair”.

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The Microsoft Surface Pro was not made what so ever for durability in the “mobile” environment, or to be repaired reasonably. Most models the touch screen & display screen are one piece at a component price alone at $180-$300+ depending on the model. Add time & labor into the installation process, your looking at $400+ possibly on the Microsoft Surface Pro just to replace a damaged screen. RJ45 network cable jack on the Surface Pro as a alternate method to get on line? Nope.
Purchasing a Microsoft Surface Pro at $600-$1200+ and how easy you can damage the screen, and the repair cost if you can find someone to do it just is not worth it.
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The mobile repair businesses are booming in sales. The suppliers for these replacement screens on ALL these mobile devices out of China & Hong Kong is a gold mine. Manufactures know these mobile devices are not made to be dropped. And when dropped the devices will break. They are capitalizing on your accidental mistakes. Approximately 75-80% of repair calls here are on broken display screens on mobile devices.
Say I’m old school, I am the only one that uses my computer which is a custom desktop I built about 2 years ago. Desktop computer & monitor before that lasted me over 10 years, ran until the day I unplugged it, hard drive and all. My desktop computer has never failed me, my display screen or monitor sits on my desk has never cracked. A paper notebook and pencil was very reliable and extremely cheap back in the day.
These expensive light weight mobile devices these days are being built as “disposable” products by manufactures. Making them more difficult and expensive to possibly repair. I don’t know about everyone else, but I work hard for my money and disposing a $500++ device every 6 to 12 months or so all due a simple drop IS NOT economical for me. $5-$10 disposable item maybe, $300-$600++ no. But that is the way it is these days.


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