Lenovo IdeaPad Y560 Overheating Solved

This laptop has an i7 Intel Core Processor, which runs hotter to begin with. Customer stated laptop was shutting down randomly, and running extremely hot. He found my website and he was local so he dropped laptop off earlier this evening.
First off, this is a guide and by no means does Lightspeeds Computer Repair take any responsibility in the dis-assembly of your equipment by this guide & photos, and you damaging the equipment. Dis-assemble at your own risk.
*** Unplug & Disconnect the battery BEFORE opening the laptop ***
Getting to the cooling fan on this  Lenovo IdeaPad Y560 was very easy. One main cover on the back, 4 screws removed and you now have access to servicing and cleaning the fan heatsink assembly.
Tools Needed:
– Small Philips screwdriver
– Rubbing Alcohol 90%
– Clean lint free cloth (coffee filter works great)
– Arctic Cooling MX2 thermal Paste

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Lenovo Ideapad Y560

– Pull the battery out
– Remove the 4 screws marked in red >>
– Pull & remove the cover
Lenovo Ideapad Y560 Cooling Repair

– Remove the 9 heatsink and fan screws >>

3 of the screws hold the fan casing together

– Disconnect the fan cable from motherboard
Lenovo Ideapad Overheat RepairPull up & to the left to remove heatsink & fan

Dust buildup on the heatsink exhaust vent

Clean old thermal compound off heatsink contact points with rubbing alcohol, lint free cloth
Clean old thermal paste off the cpu & video chip the same way as above. Use rubbing alcohol and a lint free cloth, a coffee filter works best.
The old thermal paste MUST be cleaned off, and fresh thermal paste re-applied

DO NOT MISS THIS STEP! Thermal Paste creates a thermal seal between the chip and heatsink, removing the heatsink breaks this seal. Old must be thoroughly clean from both heatsink, cpu & gpu, clean, smooth, and fresh thermal paste re-applied. Failure to follow this step, even WITH a clean exhaust will definitely overheat the laptop!
Lenovo Ideapad Cooling RepairCloser shot of the dust blocking the exhaust
The laptops internal heat cannot exhaust out of the laptop with this type dust blocking the exhaust vent.
Clean this exhaust vent off!
Lenovo Overheat Repair
Heatsink contact points clean, fan clean, and heatsink exhaust grill cleaned >>>

I also polished these copper contact points with a very fine grit WET sandpaper, not really necessary. Just make sure they are clean!
Lenovo Overheat Cooling RepairCPU & Video Chip Cleaned

And Fresh Arctic Cooling MX2 Thermal Paste applied.

Small dab of thermal paste on center of chips. The heatsink when screwed backed down will spread this out. Arctic Cooling MX2 paste is non conductive.
If you removed the fan housing cover to clean, screw the fan housing back to the heatsink, and mount the heatsink/fan back to the motherboard. (2nd pic from top)

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Temperature dropped an overall 10-12 degress at idle &  load temp. The main culprit to the overheating temperatures was the dust buildup blocking the internal cooling exhaust on the laptop. The laptop cannot exhasut the heat, heatsink cannot cool to cpu & gpu down, heat builds up inside of laptop casing. Bad formula for disaster.

Intel i5 & i7 laptop mobile processors do run on the hot side. Very important to keep the inside fan exhaust free of dust build up. Keep the laptop elevated for air flow under the laptop. From what I researched the cpu can handle up to 105 celsius, that’s ok in a desktop. But a laptop, that kind of excessive heat around the mothers electronics is bad news. Since the fan can easily be access, this can be checked periodically. An air can to the outside exhaust vent will help also. Just make sure you have Newegg – Arctic Cooling MX2 Thermal Paste on hand.

The Arctic Cooling MX2 thermal paste is quality paste, non conductive, has no cure time and has a 8 year durability. So this is my “go to” paste for laptops especially and desktop computers now.
Temperatures Before This Repair:
– Idle 68-72 C
– From idle 68 c, to 94 in just 10 seconds, using “Prime95” I stopped the “load” test within a 30 seconds at 96 C
Temps AFTER Repair:
– Idle temp: 48 – 52 celsius
– Full Load Temp: 64-72, max’d out at 75 celsius for 2 hours run time. Stopping load test dropped temps back into the 50’s almost immediately. This is with a cleaned fan heatsink exhaust and quality thermal compound.
IDrive Data BackupAlso check your Bio’s version, and Lenovo’s site for your model, might be a newer Bio’s version. Fan speed is temp controled by the Bio’s. Customer did mention to me he reloaded Windows 7 Ultimate on the laptop few months ago. And computer properties reflected Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit, 4GB ram. Product sticker on the laptop was original at Windows 7 Home Premium, so that told me to look through device manager, and his program list. Found a very important Lenovo program – driver someone did not install………..

“Lenovo Energy Management Driver”

Via Lenovo’s website for this Lenovo model,, was not installed on this laptop initially. Program sets power management features of the battery and cpu frequencies. His cpu on this Lenovo without this driver was all out at max cpu frequency, Turbo Boost full at 2.75 Ghz constant 24/7. CPU reporting 0% usage, but running at high power. The Lenovo Energy Management Driver I installed and set at “Auto Adjust”, cpu frequency now runs lower frequency (lower temps) and boosts up to full throttle when needed. For gaming for example. So for normal office, internet type of work, laptop runs lower cpu frequency,, much lower temps now. If he games, or watches a movie cpu automatically adjusts up to a higher frequency, and drops back down when not needed. So program alone WHEN installed, setup and functioning properly lowered temperatures down even more.

Quick Summary:

Most laptops DO NOT have this quick and easy access door to the main fan as this Lenovo. Other type laptops must be fully disassembled just to get to the fan, so Lenovo was smart in keeping this area easy to get to. The main heat source is the laptops CPU, the blocked heatsink exhaust is the cause of excessive high temperatures, overheating, hard drive problems and eventually complete failure due to the heat inside. The Lenovo Y560 has the i7 Intel processor, which runs warm/hot as it is, so it is VERY important to keep the vents clear, and the fan clean inside. Anytime the fan is completely removed the old thermal paste MUST BE completely cleaned off, AND fresh thermal paste applied. Otherwise this will contribute to hot temperatures even after the heatsink vent is cleaned. The thermal paste creates a thermal heat “seal” between the cpu and the heatsink, removing the heatsink breaks this seal.
Core Temp – CPU temperature monitoring program..
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  1. Amit  June 25, 2016

    Thanks a ton for this excellent guide. Everything is described so clearly, even an inexperienced person such as myself could do it. My laptop runs much cooler now and no longer freezes while running games.

  2. Angelo  March 13, 2017

    Thank you very much for posting this article. I have the same rig with the same (very common!) issue and your post gave me the confidence to have a go. The end of the copper connected to the fins has actually gone black on my machine; It makes me wonder how close I was to catastrophe. Since the cleaning & paste replacement, there’s been a very noticeable drop in temp during regular use. I intend to check performance with more load on the CPUs/GPU but I feel good about what I’ll probably find.

    I’m wondering if you used compressed air for the fan. I tried to have go with just the coffee filters (great tip btw) and rubbing alcohol, but the dust on the blades of the fan (as well as the caked on paste) were easier to clean when I wrapped a toothpick with the soaked filters.

    All in all a very helpful post. Once again, thank you very much for taking the time.

    • Lightspeeds PC  March 13, 2017

      Your welcome, glad it worked out for you. The fan & heatsink exhaust on this model is very easy to check, get to and keep cleaned out. Most laptops require a complete disassembly to get to it. The intel cpu runs on the hot side, so it’s important to keep the heatsink exhaust clear.


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