Laptop Screen Replacement Augusta Georgia

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Lightspeeeds PC Repair offers the lowest price laptop screen replacement repair service located in Augusta Georgia. Laptop, notebook lcd screen are very delicate. Laptop screens can and will crack, shatter and can be damaged very easily mainly due to the mobility & use of the laptop.

Laptop Screen Replacement Installation At $45

New Replacement Laptop Screen Prices

– 15″ Laptop Screens range in price from $55 – $80+
– 17″ Laptop Screen range in price from $65 – $90+
Laptop Manufacture & Model# Is Required For A Complete Estimate

Completion Time:

Laptop LCD Screens are special order components, therefore 5-7 business days “turn around” time.
Laptop Screen Warranty:
6 Month Limited Warranty for hardware failure under normal working conditions.
$55 Deposit Required Before Ordering New Laptop LCD Screen.
Balance due on laptop screen replacement repair.

Complete Laptop Screen Repair Info & Details

Terms Of Service

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