Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Sticky, stuck, coffee spill, unresponsive keys or missing laptop keys? There’s nothing more frustrating than to have a keyboard that doesn’t work properly. We can replace your keyboard with a brand new keyboard relatively cheap also. Fast and reliable source to replace your laptop keyboard. Laptop keyboard replacement located in Evans Augusta GA. About Lightspeeds PC Repair

New laptop keyboards are available for replacement, and I can replace (most models). Individual laptop keys are not available anywhere for replacement. Even if you have the key that has popped off, it is very difficult to get them to stay on again. Customer Testimonials & Reviews

For Laptop Keyboard Replacement Estimate

** Manufacture & Model# Of Laptop IS REQUIRED For A Replacement Estimate **

Laptop Keyboard Repair

Laptop Keyboard Installation $29

*** For Most Laptops ***

New keyboards range in price from approximately $25 – $49 depending on the laptop manufacture & model#

Providing the laptops manufacture & model# I can provide a total replacement cost.

If you already have the keyboard for your laptop, and need it installed, keyboard installation is $29. (Most Laptops)

Completion Time 4 – 5 Business Days

Each laptop model & series takes a specific type keyboard for you laptop model. With that being said, there are 1000’s laptop keyboards for every make & models out there. Laptop Keyboards Are Special Order.

With deposit down on keyboard, I’ll get the order placed and call you when it arrives, and can have it done the same day.


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Laptop Keyboard Repair