Laptop Cooling Fan Repair

laptop cooling overheatLaptop shutting down randomly? Laptop overheating? Laptops fan making unusual loud noises? Electronics in general attract dust. Computers and especially laptops, become dust magnets.
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Overtime the laptop cooling fan and heatsink exhaust begins to become blocked by accumulated dust, lint, pet hair from the laptops cool air intake vent. This accumulated debris will block ther laptop heatsink exhaust preventing the laptop from cooling properly. Resulting in a drop in performance, and eventually main hardware failure.   Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Operating Systems Serviced: Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10



Laptop Cooling – Overheat Repair $65

(Most Laptops)

** Alienware – MSI Laptop Cooling Repair $95 **
Alienware & MSI laptops involve more time in complete dis-assembly & reassembly over standard laptops.

Cooling Repair Service Includes:

  • Complete laptop disassembly
  • Complete internal component cleaning – fan, system board, heatsink
  • Heatsink exhaust cleaned
  • Laptop Cooling Fan disassembled, cleaned & oiled
  • Old factory generic thermal paste or pad removed
  • Quality Arctic Cooling MX2 Thermal compound applied to CPU & GPU
  • (8 year durability – excellent thermal heat transfer for cooling)

  • Laptop reassembly

** New Fan (If Required), Is Extra And Must Be Ordered – Installation Included In Above Service **


Completion Time –

  • Laptop Dis-Assembly, Cleaning Only Required & Re-assembly > 1-2 Business Days

  • Laptop Dis-Assembly, Cleaning, New Fan Required & Re-assembly > 4-6 Business Days
       (New Fan For Your Laptop Must Be Ordered, Shipped & Delivered)

    Laptop Cooling Fan RepairPhoto to the right is what a combination of dust, smoking, tar, and nicotine will do to inside of laptop >>>>>

    Creates a brownish, sticky tar residue inside of the laptop, dust, lint, hair sticks to it like glue. This type dust will not simply blow off like regular dust buildup.

    The laptop will automatically shut down on it’s own once it reaches a certain temperature inside. The laptop processor (cpu) by design will lower the speed of the cpu automatically, slowing down performance in an attempt to drop it’s temperature. Long term excessive heat will result in irreversible damage the motherboards electronics, and the hard drive of the laptop.
    How To Prevent? – How do I maintain my laptop? Maintenance Tips
    ** All Prices Subject To Change **

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