Laptop Cooler Review – Cooler Master NotePal X2 USB Laptop Cooler

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Cooler Master NotePal X2 Laptop Cooler

Cooler Master NotePal X2 Laptop Cooler


  • Ergonomic design with 2 height settings for best comfort
  • Special design of intake at bottom, and thermally enhanced metal mesh allows for fast & efficient heat dissipation
  • Built in one Blue LED 140mm fan placed in strategic location for optimal air flow
  • Accommodates laptops up to 15.6″
  • Fan Speed Control
  • 2 – 2.0 USB Ports
  • On / Off Switch

Cooler Master NotePal X2 Laptop Cooler

Cooler Master NotePal X2 Laptop Cooler

Front Box shows “Up To 17”. Back of box states “Accommodates laptops up to 15.6”. This Asus 15.6″ ROG laptop fits the cooler perfectly from side to side, back to front. On/Off switch is on back right side corner with 2 x 2.0 USB Ports. Adjustable fan speed controler on right rear side. USB cord supplied is 22″ in length, short for this laptop though. It will not reach from back right corner to front left corner on this ASUS G53JW laptop. Right now running usb cord to right side, but that is where the the dc jack is located on this laptop along with me being right handed and mouse on that side. USB cables are cheap, so will look into getting a slightly longer cable.

Fan Size: 140mm x 140mm x 15mm
Fan Speed: 700 – 1400 RPM
Air Flow: 23-44 CFM
(Adjustable Fan Speed Control)

Cooler Master NotePal X2 Laptop Cooler

Cooler Master NotePal X2 Backside

Backside of Cooler Master NotePal X2 with Blue LED 140mm Fan

Cooler Master NotePal X2

Cooler Master NotePal X2 Back Side

Photo here showing 2 height adjustable tabs upper left & right side

Cooler Master NotePal X2 Laptop Cooler

Cooler Master NotePal X2

Bottom / Rear Intake Vents. Vents on front bottom also

Cooler Master NotePal X2 Laptop Cooler

Cooler Master NotePal X2 Laptop Cooler

Cooling tests will vary per laptop, based on each laptops cooling system & vents.
So far on this ASUS G53JW ROG laptop have seen a 5-6 degree drop at “idle”, now at 43-47 celsius, was 48-52.

Have not noticed a change at “load” or gaming, BUT the laptop DOES cool back down to idle temps much quicker with this Cooler Master NotePal X2 laptop cooler!

I seem to have a slightly lower temperature, maybe 2 degrees more when I lower the fan speed on this laptop cooler. The cooler does have a good amount of air flow blowing at the bottom of laptop when on high fan speed. I could be blasting the air right by the laptops intake vent, lowering the fan speed seems to be actually better. As I said, it varies, so experiment.

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When I had laptop flat on table, table below laptop was warm, bottom of laptop was warm also. With this Cooler Master X2 cooler, the table is ice cold where the cooler sits, and the bottom of laptop is just as cold. The mesh grating on cooler is metal so that helps in dissipating heat, air flows through the entire mesh area on the cooler, and laptop bottom.

I put 2 – 1/2″ felt pads under front corners to raise height a bit on laptop just to see, test any temperature changes. Felt pads blew out before I could sit laptop back down on them! So the air
Cooler Master NotePal X2
flow on this cooler IS EXCELLENT! This laptop cooler is angled down at the front, when I lifted the front side of laptop (palmrest) up about an inch or 2, temps drop another 6-8 degrees almost immediately at idle. From 43 celsius to 36-37 C! This ASUS G53JW-A1 is an Intel i7 quad core with Nvidia Geforce GTX460m graphics card.

Ran Furmark graphics burn in test for 30 minutes, with this Cooler Master NotePal X2. Temperature hovered at 78 celsius, max’d out at 82. Without the cooler, graphics card went straight to 83-84 where it max’d out at. With the cooler, the laptop GPU was able to cool down at times to 78, running burn in test, and max’d out at 82. Depending on your laptop, placement of cooler, fan on laptop base, height between cooler and laptop base you should see a drop as I experimented with different positions and fan speed.

Cooler Master NotePal X2 Laptop Cooler

Cooler Master NotePal X2 Laptop Cooler


For $34 total through excellent cooler, very pleased with purchase. Fits this ASUS G53JW ROG 15.6″ laptop perfectly! Solid, well built, engineered design with great airflow. The adjustable fan speed control is a definite plus! Cooler is down angled perfectly also, with adjustable tabs for more angled height on the backside. Quiet on low speed, and not very loud when fan on high speed. The Blue LED fan is cool also, when laptop is on cooler you don’t really see it though, except in a dark room.

Pro’s For This CoolerMaster NotePal X2:

– Metal/Aluminum Mesh Venting, More Efficient Cooling
– Adjustable Fan Speed Control
– Solid Sturdy Even For This 8.2 LB ASUS ROG Laptop
– Good Air Flow Through Mesh Area On Cooler To Entire Bottom Of Laptop
– Angled down at the right angle
– Cool Blue LED Fan (Hardly visible when laptop is sitting on it though)

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– Supplied USB Cable Can Be Short If Going From Back Right To Front Left Of Laptop
– Experiment As With Any Laptop Cooler, positioning, height, fan speed etc

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