iPad Screen Repair Limited Warranty – 60 Days:

60 Day Limited Warranty on the iPads Glass Digitizer or LCD Screen component replacement for hardware failure under normal working conditions & use. For example, an un-responsive touch screen, erratic touch screen, “ghosting”, black screen, distorted display. Reinstallation included during this 60 Day Limited Warranty.
Replacement will be provided free of charge during first 60 days from invoice ONLY if component(s) purchased, replaced, installed and documented on your repair invoice by Lightspeeds PC Repair is diagnosed to be defective, at fault, has failed under normal operating & handling conditions, and applicable to warranty conditions below. NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS.

The iPads touch screen is very thin delicate glass that will damage with any type of drop or impact to the frame. A quality heavy duty protective case is highly recommended.
What Is Covered Under Our iPad Limited Repair Warranty:

  • The specific hardware component(s) replaced, installed & documented in detail on your repair invoice.
  • Black or distorted lcd screen (if replaced).
  • “Ghost touch”, erratic touch screen behavior, unresponsive touch screen or dead spot. (If replaced by Lightspeeds PC Repair)
  • Touch screen separation from iPad frame.

What IS NOT Included Under Our iPad Limited Repair Warranty:

  • Physical damage, negligence, or misuse on behalf of the customer or other third party.
  • Subsequent cracked screen, shattered screen, hairline crack(s), dropped iPad, liquid damage.
  • Mishandling that causes the frame to bend or twist.
  • Acts of “Mother Nature”
  • If the iPad has been opened up either by user or other 3rd party.
  • Damage resulting from attempted customer repairs or other 3rd party.
  • Software or “App” issues unrelated to the repair.
  • Subsequent new damages unrelated to the original repair.
  • Other hardware / electronic failures not related to the specific repair documented in detail on your repair invoice.

Don't be fooled by other repair companies offering "Lifetime Warranty". READ there warranty & terms, for there terms are no different than above. As with ANY mobile device with a glass screen they are counting on that device being dropped again with a cracked screen. Which is not covered under any repair service warranty.

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