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Aiken SCApple iPad screen repair service for Hephzibah GA. Cracked, shattered iPad screen? We can fix & replace your damaged iPad touch screen. About Lightspeeds PC Repair

Just as in any of todays mobile “carry anywhere” devices with a glass screen, accidents can happen way to easily & more than frequently. Apples repair service consists of selling you a refurbished iPad for $200-$349, in exchange for your cracked iPad. Your exhanged damaged iPad is sent back to factory in Hong Kong, “refurbished” back for sale to the next customer with a damaged device. Why pay Apple high $$’s again, when we can replace your touch screen for quite a bit less? Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Lightspeeds Computer Repair is located in Evans Augusta GA, and we can have your iPad repaired, looking brand new once again, usually by the next business day!

iPad Models Serviced:

  • iPad 2, 3, 4 – iPad Mini – iPad Air 1st Generation
  • How To Identify Your iPad Model
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    Hephzibah GA

    iPad Touch Screen Repair Hephzibah GA Includes:

    • Parts & Labor
    • Dent Repair Included

    NOT INCLUDED – Corner Or Frame Alignment $20-$30
    Cost depends on the extent & amount of alignment damage to the corners & frame. This severe damage MUST BE repairable otherwise a new touch screen cannot be installed.

    Major damage includes but limited to: bent out of alignment corners, twisted bent frame or jammed in power, volume switches. The new touch screen will not install properly with this type of damage. IF REPAIRABLE, this type of major frame or corner damage complicates the standard touch screen replacement service, and adds more time & labor to the repair.

    Please Note – This severe damage to the corners or frame is not always visible until the screen has been removed. Bent, twisted out of alignment frame or corners can not always be repaired, or new touch screen installed.
    Hephzibah GA

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    Location – Evans Augusta GA


    Hephzibah GA

    iPad Repair Hephzibah GA

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