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iPad Air RepairAccidentally dropped your iPad Air and cracked your glass touch screen? Lightspeeds PC Repair Evans Augusta GA specializes in iPad screen repairs, and can have your iPad looking as good as new once again. About Us

On the iPad Air 1 the touch screen and lcd display screen are 2 separate components. This service is for the outer touch screen replacement which can crack, shatter and damage very easily. Customer Testimonials

  • iPad Air 1st Generation $99 $89

    (1st Generation Air Models #’s A1474 or A1475 or A1476)

** I Do Not Service or Repair - The iPad Air 2 or the iPad Pro **

Lightspeeds PC Repair is home operated computer repair service in Evans GA. With this in mind,, Please Contact for address, and to schedule a drop off time, thank you!

iPad Air Repair

Completion Time Of 1 – 2 Business Days

Unless specified otherwise. Completion time also depends on frame & corner damage on your iPad, current existing workload, and in stock replacement screens.

24 hour minimum replacement time, to properly repair your iPad Air 1.

iPad Repair Frequently Asked Questions

iPad Air RepairTouch Screen Replacement Service Includes:

NOT INCLUDED – Corner Or Frame Alignment $15-$25
ipad-corner-alignment_bCost depends on the extent & amount of alignment damage to the corners & frame. This severe damage MUST BE repairable otherwise a new touch screen cannot be installed.

Major damage includes but limited to: bent out of alignment corners, twisted bent frame or jammed in power, volume switches. The new touch screen will not install properly with this type of damage. IF REPAIRABLE, this type of major frame or corner damage complicates the standard touch screen replacement service, and adds more time & labor to the repair.

Please Note – This severe damage to the corners or frame is not always visible until the screen has been removed. Bent, twisted out of alignment frame or corners can not always be repaired, or new touch screen installed.


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