iPad 4 Touch Screen Ghosting Problem

Customer called and stated that his iPad 4 touch screen was “minimizing, maximizing and acting erratically. His screen was not cracked, no physical damage, the original iPad screen. The term “ghosting” refers to the touch screen acting as if screen is being pressed by “ghost” fingers. Or acting on it’s own.
This can be a:

  • Faulty iPad touch screen.
  • Loose connection from touch screen to the iPads logic board.
  • LCD screen or base frame making contact with inside touch screen of the iPad.
  • Non visible internal crack near edge of inside of touch screen
    One of the above, or a combination of,, or all 4 of the above.
    Something as simple as cleaning the touch screen solved this problem here.
    In prerparing to removed the touch screen I began warming the outer frame and glass. Touch screen still was acting erratically. Then decided to clean outer touch screen smudges and finger prints off outer glass with a soft cloth (old cotton sock) and rubbing alcohol. Mainly to clean it to insure IF it was a loose connection, and panel did not have to be changed out, and NOT touching the center screen area during repair,, that I can insure by flipping touch screen back over glass is clean.

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    After cleaning outer touch screen with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth,,, the touch screen “ghosting”, erratic behavior stopped. I kept the iPad for 3 days to check, watch and monitored the screen with no more erratic touch screen behavior on this particular iPad. Turned it over, upside down, on it’s side, pressed all around the screen and no “ghosting” after cleaning glass off. iPad was returned to customer on day 4, and have not heard anything since the return service on 1/18/2015 if touch screen problem returned. (Date of this post May 8, 2015)
    On this particular iPad 4 touch screen with “ghosting” problems, cleaning the smudges and finger prints off the outer touch screen glass fixed the problem. Smudges and fingerprints on outer touch was evidently triggering the touch screen on it’s own. That might be something you should try BEFORE opening the iPad up.
    Use isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and a soft cloth to clean touch screen.
    IF cleaning the touch screen does not solved the ghosting problem, then the iPads touch will need to be checked from the inside (connections), and more than likely have to be replaced.



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