How To Backup Battlefield 3 & Restore Game

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How to backup before formatting hard drive, restoring game, and settings without downloading entire game from Origin.

I just upgraded some hardware on my pc, cpu and motherboard. So I prepared myself before hand backing all data up and setting myself up for an easy reload, including Battlefield 3.
Windows 7:
Main game folder location is here: C:\Program Files (x86)\\Origin Games\\Battlefield 3

- Grab that Battlefield 3 folder within Origin Games and copy and paste to an external drive or other device large enough for it. (My BF3 game folder was 34 GB, I had all the expansion packs)

Backing up Battlefiled 3 Settings / Profile:
Main Documents Folder, copy and paste that Battlefield 3 folder to external drive or other device.

Download and install Origin game client

Login to your Origin account, and on Battlefield 3 click “Download”, let the download begin for about 2 minutes then Cancel the download. This then creates the Battlefield 3 folder in Origin Games. The first location posted above.

Close Origin down completely.

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Copy and paste the main game folder you backed up to “Origin Games”:
C:\Program Files (x86)\\Origin Games\\Battlefield 3
Overwrite, replace anything that prompts you to.

After main folder has finished copying to C:\Program Files (x86)\\Origin Games\\
Start Origin, and click download again,,, game will download VERY quickly, so quick you’ll see it installing itself almost instantly. It installs the game physically on your pc again along with Punkbuster.

After installing, the game will update very quickly IF you had the Premium packs also. (2-3 minutes)

Shut game down, and copy paste your Battlefield 3 settings folder back to main Documents folder. Overwrite anything that is there. This will restore your game options, mouse sensitivity, video settings, keybinds etc.

When done, your ready to play!

If needed, not sure this is necessary but I did right click on BF3 and checked a “Repair Install”,, no files were missing, nothing corrupt and I was able to play.

I just did this a few hours ago this evening, (Update: now 8 month ago) all together it maybe took 10 minutes. As compared to downloading 34 GB the entire game and expansions packs IF you had them.

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