I have attempted repair of my own iPad and failed, can you finish the job repairing it?

Will have to check the iPad out, but most likely yes.

With many attempted “DIY” repairs by the owner or others that I have received here, what I have found is other damage caused by the attempted repair.

Could have additional cost for correcting, replacing any additional damage caused by the attempted repair.

For example ripped out power switch, wifi – cellular data antenna’s cables, broken connector clips, lost screws etc.


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Do you use genuine Apple replacement parts?

Apple does not provide, or sell ANY “Genuine OEM Apple” branded replacement parts or screens to anyone, or any repair shop. Anyone advertising this is not being truthful, and using it as a advertising tactic to attract customers.

Replacement iPad touch screens, and compatible parts for Apple products are ALL manufactured by third party manufactures, so your device can be repaired at a lower cost than sending to Apple for an expensive repair or having to replace entire device.

I use only ...

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How long will it take to repair my broken iPad screen?

iPad Models 2, 3, 4, iPad Mini 1 & 2 and the iPad Air :
Completion time frame of 24-48 business hours.
Usually completed the following day, 24 hours minimum.

Other factors:
Current work load, existing scheduled repairs ahead of yours, dent frame damage to your iPad, time of day your iPad is dropped off, and replacement screen availability.

Shipped in repairs take priority, unless specified, shipped in iPad repairs will be serviced same day, and shipped back USPS Priority mail the ...

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The corners on my iPad are dented in, can you fix this?

Corner dent repair is INCLUDED with the iPads screen replacement. 99% of the iPads in for repair have dented corners from the impact drop. The edge frame of the iPad is very soft aluminum alloy, which dents very easily.

ipad repair tool
Corner or frame dents must be reshaped, for the new digitizer panel WILL NOT fit & install correctly when any part of the ipads aluminum outer ...

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