Just purchased a new computer, what should I do first?

Create a system image or better known as “recovery disks”. VERY IMPORTANT!
For Windows 7, for example,, have yourself 3-5 blank DVD’s available, click Start Menu, look for “Maintenance Folder”, click on “Back & Restore”. Look on left side for “Create A System Image” and click on, follow instructions and prompts. Label the DVD’s as instructed, store is a safe place.

Creating these Recovery Disks will save you $100+ if your operating system needs reinstalled due to virus or file corruption ...

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What do I need to bring with me when I drop off my computer, laptop or iPad?

  • For desktop computers, just the main computer tower, I do not need your keyboard or any other cables or devices.

  • For computers or laptops, please bring an external drive IF you would like your data backed up BEFORE the repair process. We can back up to your external drive which is at a considerably less cost than burning multiple DVD disks or usb thumb drive.

  • For laptops, PLEASE DO bring the charger power cord.

  • Any CD’s that came with computer might be needed, ...
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    How long will it take to fix my computer?

    With out knowing that exact problem(s) with your computer or laptop that is difficult to be exact. Average repair time is 1-3 days, or as quick as possible.

    Completion time also depends on existing scheduled workload & repairs.
    Repairs are taken in the order they are received, first in first out basis.
    Hardware Component Replacement Such As –
    – Laptop Screen Replacement
    – Laptop Keyboard Replacement
    – Laptop Dc Power Jack Replacement
    – Hard Drive Replacement
    Can take 4 ...

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