Gateway NV53A75U / NV53 Laptop Disassembly

Gateway NV53 Palmrest Removal
Gateway NV53 Palmrest Removal
Remove 1 screw marked in red, video cable and 2 white ribbon cables.
Gateway NV53 Palmrest Removal
Motherboard comes up & out from right to left.
Gateway NV53 Palmrest Removal
Flip motherboard over & disconnect DC Jack Cable
Gateway NV53 Palmrest Removal
– Heatsink & Fan – Remove 6 screws & fan cable under tape
Gateway NV53 Palmrest Removal
Remove heatsink & fan

Remove black tape off fan, marked in red so you can separate fan from heatsink to clean real good

Remove crap thermal pads (2) with green arrows in pic

Clean contact areas, and old crap thermal paste off with rubbing alcohol real good.



Gateway NV53 Fan

2 very small screws hold fan cover / housing on, 1 small screw is hidden under the black tape
Gateway NV53 Fan

Pry out clips that hold fan housing on

After housing cover is off, clean fan and heatsink exhaust grill
Gateway NV53 Fan Seal

Reinstall fan cover after cleaning, use the black tape or Kapton heat tape. Any tape will do fine. Just seal any air gaps between fan and heatsink
Gateway NV53 CPU

Clean cpu with rubbing slcohol, and remove that thermal pad off green chip in upper left of pic
Gateway NV53 CPU

Arctic Cooling MX2 Thermal Paste used on CPU

.5mm copper shims, 2 as you see in picture, installed on gpu 7 northbridge, where the thermal pads were removed

Important, make sure to dab some Arctic Cooling Thermal paste directly on those 2 chips before installing copper shims on top of them

The apply a dab of Arctic Cooling MX2 on the back side of copper shim

Apply Arctic Thermal MX2 paste on cpu,,,, VERY important!!

NO copper shim needed on CPU!! Just freah thermal paste!!

Arctic Cooling MX2 is great thermal paste, I’d say better than Arctic Silver 5. You can find it on or ebay

The heat dissapation in Arctic Cooling MX2 is very close to Arctic Silver 5 Paste. Arctic Silver 5 needs to re-applied periodically, cure time is about 200 hrs, and IS conductive, contains silver. If you accidendently get Arctic Silver 5 on a circuit chip it can short out.
Gateway NV53 CPU
Arctic Cooling MX2:
– 8 year durability
– Non conductive, Non-electrical conductive
– Spreads easily
– High thermal conductivity
– No cure time, best when it’s applied instantly.
Arctic cooling mx2
– Heatsink & fan re-installed
Re-Assembly is the opposite, just take it slow, make sure you have all cables connected. There is nothing worse than after assembling laptop to find out you left a cable or 2 disconnected, especially the fan cable. When taking a part take it slow also. If you feel any resistance on removing the palmrest or any component, turn it over and look in the area of resistance for a screw you might of missed. Check and make you have connected all cables, including the fan!


Gateway NV53a75u Before Cooling Repair:

  • Idle Temp of 62-68 C
  • Full Load Temp of 72-78 C


Gateway NV53a75u AFTER Cooling Repair:

  • Idle Temp of 47-52 C
  • Full Load Temp of 56-63 C


Ambient room temp of 74 F (October in Georgia). So we had about a 10 degree drop in temperature. The fan on this unit was not blocked that bad by dust, I have seen MUCH worse. So it was the Arctic Cooling MX2 Thermal paste, and copper shims used that made the temp difference, before and after. Remember this is an AMD triple core 2.2 Ghz.


The manufacture thermal pads do not do that good of a job, they don’t transfer heat that well. When the heat source has direct contact, WITH a thermal seal with copper, it does a better job. You’ll notice the back side of the cpu contact point on heatsink (any computer heatsink) is copper or aluminum. This one was a copper heatsink. Copper is a great heat dissipator, it’s absorbs heat away from the heat source. Sort of like kitchen sponge does with water. So i remove those crap thermal pads and fill the gap with the right size copper shim, .5mm, and thermal paste.


From this guide you can see or figure out how the dis-play assembly comes off, by the hinge screw in base of inside of case bottom.


Hope this was helpful, sorry if it looks a bit sloppy, I’m still new at this “blog” stuff.


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  1. Jeremiah  May 2, 2016

    Very nice instructions and photos! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Alejandro  December 13, 2017

    Nice, but not valid for all modells, my NV53a keyboard connector has 2 small metallic nails on ech end that prevents the black plastic clip to slice to 90 degress.


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