Gateway NV53A75U / NV53 Laptop Disassembly

This customers¬†Gateway NV53A75U was running hot, and shutting down on the customer. It’s an AMD Triple Core processor, so it does run on the hot side.

  • This Gateways idle temp 60-65 C
  • Load Temp of 74-78 C

Dis-assembled laptop to check, clean the fan & heatsink, modified the cooling with 2 copper shims and applied Arctic Cooling MX2 Thermal Compound. Cooling fan was blocked by dust buildup, not bad have seen much worse.

Re-Assembled Gateway temperatures now:

  • Idled Temp of 48-54 C
  • Full load tempt of 58-63 C

First off, this is a guide and by no means does Lightspeeds Computer Repair take any responsibility in the dis-assembly of your laptop by this guide & photos, and you damaging the laptop. Dis-assemble at your own risk.

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Gateway NV53A75u Service Guide

– Remove Battery
– Remove All 14 screw out of back of laptop
– Green arrow is the cdrom drive screw
– 5 blue arrows remove from battery compartment


Total of 17 screws need to come out of back of this Gateways laptop

Gateway NV53A75u
– Remember, 5 screws in battery compartment

– And hidden CDROM screw under small cover
Gateway CDROM Removal
Grab edge of cdrom tray and pull straight out
Gateway CDROM Removal
2 more screws, 1 in Hard drive compartment, the other near wireless mini card
Gateway Wireless Card
Gateway Keyboard Removal
Keyboard Removal, this is a bit tricky………..

– There are 4 very small tabs or clips above:
“Delete, F12, F8, and F4” Keys

Look close above these keys, push these VERY small tabs/clips up and in towards screen. These clips lock keyboard down in place. Start with the “Delete” tab and work towards the left “F4” key tab.
Gateway NV53 Keyboard Removal
The next tricky part is getting the keyboard to pop up and out enough to grab and pull up from right to left.

Pull the top of keyboard up slowly, be careful there is a ribbon cable that connects keyboard to motherboard.

There are small snap clips on the left & right side of keyboard, but these do not push in, keyboard just snaps out of these on the side
Gateway NV53 Keyboard Removal
2 small black tabs, carefully gently push tabs out a bit to unlock the keyboard ribbon cable.
Black lock bar tabs push towards front of laptop, slowly! You break these off then we have other issues.
Gateway NV53 Keyboard Removal
Keyboard cable removal
Gateway NV53 Palmrest Removal
7 screws on palmrest marked in red, remove.

Disconnect 4 cables marked with green arrows
Gateway NV53 Palmrest Removal
After removing the 7 screws on palmrest, and 4 cables….
Grab the black middle section of palmrest near screen, just below Gateway logo,, in the middle and pull up.

Work towards the right top corner, pull and snap up.


Gateway NV53 Palmrest Removal
Work towards the right top corner, pull and snap up.
Gateway NV53 Palmrest Removal

Make sure you have all cables and screws out of plamrest are.

Palmrest comes off by working from top middle, to top right corner, to bottom right corner, and over to the left. It lifts off from right to left
Gateway NV53 Palmrest Removal
Gateway NV53 Palmrest Removal

Palmrest / Touchpad now off, free from laptop.

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  1. Jeremiah  May 2, 2016

    Very nice instructions and photos! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Alejandro  December 13, 2017

    Nice, but not valid for all modells, my NV53a keyboard connector has 2 small metallic nails on ech end that prevents the black plastic clip to slice to 90 degress.


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