Gateway GT5018E Desktop Audio Driver Problem

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Gateway GT5018E desktop running Windows XP Media Edition with a bad hard drive. New hard drive installed reloaded the operating system from Gateways recovery disks. The recovery disk had labeled on the disk – “operating system, programs files and drivers”. After installing Windows XP, there were no drivers installed. I inserted OS disk in to check the cd, could not find any drivers on the main installation disks. Ok, no problem, so I surf to Gateways website to download and install the hardware drivers.

All drivers for this Gateway GT5018E desktop were on Gateways website. All of them installled fine EXCEPT: Intel Chipset driver, Modem driver AND the Sigmatel Audio driver. After searching around for an hour I found the chipset and modem driver, and installed. None of the Sigmatel drivers (6 listed) on Gateways site for this model desktop would install. Error message on all Sigmatel drivers, “not the correct software for this hardware”.

Tried Device Doctor, nothing found. Checked Bio’s, nothing to change there either. Mind you, there was no add on audio card in this desktop, audio was intergrated. Tried the chipset driver again, seem to install with no problem again. Search the web on this Gateway GT5018E desktop for audio driver problems and nothing. After a few hours began to give up on it.

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During the course of installing other software, and proceeding with operating system updates. Oh yes, operating system updates, there was a big problem there to. But figured out had to update the windows update installer package, all good there. Once “checking for updates” began, after the second check and update install, windows updated showed 2 optional hardware updates, one was for monitor connected to the desktop, the other was “IDT Audio IDT High Definition Audio Codec”. Showed “driver not installed for this hardware”. Well now,, no kidding!

Downloaded the “IDT Audio IDT High Definition Audio Codec” driver and installed. Desktop now has audio!

So, why does Gateway show 6 Sigmatel files on the support page for this desktop? And none of them would install. Afterwards found out Sigmatel is now IDT, Well Gateway sure makes it difficult sometimes. This has happened before many times with various computers. Shocking part of it, is the old Windows XP,, Windows Update actually found it.

To keep it short, if your having a problem with finding drivers, provided you have the Lan driver installed ok, or a wireless usb adapter installed and can get on line. Let Windows update check a few times and see what comes up, you might get lucky like I did.

If your having the same problem audio driver with this Gateway GT5018E Desktop, the audio driver you need is: IDT Audio IDT High Definition Audio Codec for Windows XP

From Cnet: IDT Audio IDT High Definition Audio Codec for Windows XP


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