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Found a site that may be helpful for those looking to improve your mouse aim and reflexes for FPS gaming. (Link below) It is good fps mouse training simulator using reflexes, muscle memory under a controlled time limit with accuracy score. Fine tuning your mouse settings and with practice on the various mouse accuracy training rounds in site link below, your accuracy scores will increase within a week.

Turn down your mouse speed or DPI setting at first if needed.
Then after some practice begin notching your mouse speed or DPI back up.
FPS Reflex Training For Gamers – Look under “Accuracy, Reflex and Quickness” columns. You might think these trainers are silly, but what they do with frequent practice is quicken your reflexes, mouse control, aim and muscle memory. Your not going to find a magical way to improve your accuracy but practice, practice, practice and adjusting your mouse settings.

And another http://www.aimbooster.com/
Few other sites for training your aim & reflexes:


fps mouse training

On my Razor DeathAdder I use 800 dpi, with in game mouse sensitivity set at 9 clicks from far left in BF3 and 10% in BF4, polling rate at 1000. Windows mouse setting at 6.0. “Enhanced Pointer Precision” – off, unchecked. In game mouse acceleration off & raw mouse input on. Then I use the game sensitivity settings to fine tune. Personally doing a 360 is not for me, If they are behind me, I’m dead. I want a 180 degree turn in about 3″. Mouse sensitivity will be different from person to person, all depending on your what you are comfortable with & capabilities. For a while I ran high DPI (1600) with a lower in game sensitivity (4%). I will say my accuracy improved once I lowered my mouse DPI (down to 600-800) and adjusted mouse in game mouse sensitivity up a bit (8-10%).
Have used a laser mouse for a long time, the older Razer Death Adder laser version. Recently switched to the newer Razer 2013 optical mouse, which I felt gave myself much prercise precise control. Switching back to the optical mouse gave my scores on Exact Aiming – Gamer Training site a huge boost in scores. Razer Death Adder 2013 optical is what I am currently using now with the new Razer Synapse software.

“The most important thing to do is to reduce your mouse sensitivity to a very low level. This gives you finer motor control over your aim, and protects your mouse from the natural shaking of your hand. Fine control is more important than being able to make rapid turns. In most games, if someone has surprised you from the side, you’re likely dead already. Practice aiming at heads by maintaining your aiming cursor at the same vertical level as those of your teammates.” Always have your gun up around mid body or head level before turning a corner.

With the Battlefield series, the Mini Map is very important,, learn how it works & how to use it to your advantage. Peak and pre fire while turning a corner. Another tip I found useful, when taking hits and damage, going prone sometimes took me out of the enemies gun cross-hairs. The enemies gun is recoiling upwards, going to prone sometimes will remove you from his gun site. And either you, or teammates behind you finish him off.
Reflex, speed and the ability to aim on target is important, the other factor is choosing the right weapon. I choose a balance between rate of fire and damage the weapon can do. I lean towards rate of fire, with the right attachments. Muzzle brake or compensator and stubby or angled foregrip. For example muzzle brake minimizes the upwward recoil while a compensator minimizes the left to right bullet spread. Have really looked over the weapon “breakdown” stats – damage, stability, rate of fire etc on each weapon. High rate of fire, burst fire will usually win a gun fight if you can put rounds on target.

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At the start of BF4, I myself did alot of “spectating” to learn certain maps, and angles of attack. What I found spectating many players, not all, front gun sites pointed at the ground. Even with gun sites or scope toggled up, many are moving & aiming at floor directly in front of them. Many with weapon not even up in firing position, or aiming all over the place, dead before they could react, dead while shooting at floor. I noticed reaction times were very slow with many players. Now spectating the top 10 or so players in the match, you’ll find most of them consistently holding gun sites up around mid body or head area whether they they are walking or aiming down sites. Needless to say, having your gun sites always up quickens your reaction time and aiming in general.
Learn the map, get familiar with reading the map overlay, learn the angles, read the map & pre-fire around corners and burst fire. BF4 you can now increase map size in game options, and zoom map using “N”. Full auto is no good unless you are able to control the upwards recoil. One way I learned to control recoil is pulling back on your mouse (towards you), This kept the upwards recoil climb to a minimum. But then you have bullet spread. I rarely fired from the hip unless enemy was right in front of me. I always had gun sites up, or “feathering” zoom site toggle, which is my right mouse button. Barrel accessories in Battlefield: Muzzle Brake reduces upwards climb, while the compensator reduces the left to right bullet spread. Different grips also help.
How You Can Improve Your Aim and Accuracy in Battlefield 4 Multiplayer

fps mouse training

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  1. Hector Sanchez  April 19, 2017

    You use 800 DPI!? damn. Anything under 2500 is simply unbearable for me to use. I rest my hand on the surface and just let my fingers do all the work moving the mouse around, my hand itself never actually moves around the mousepad, Maybe it’s because I’m lazy but I actually got used to it and have been fairly accurate like this.

  2. Mouse Tester  November 7, 2017

    Hi, this is great, The blog is much detailed and comes with accurate references. The Mouse Tester I use is pretty much different than this but works well. But I felt that there is a difference of function too in the two. Could you enlighten me about it please?


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