Will I loose my important data on my computer, during repair?

idrive backupMy goal is to repair your computer, not damage it any further. But in extreme cases, your data might already be gone or damaged, without a regular backup schedule.

I do all to protect any data on your computer or laptop. Lightspeeds PC Repair will not intentionally remove or delete any of your data during diagnostics or repair.

However, Lightspeeds Computer Repair is NOT responsible at any time for any loss, alteration or corruption of any software, data or files prior to, or during the course of computer diagnostic or repair due to unknown pre-existing problems. Terms Of Service

One service you CANNOT be without –
iDrive – Automatic Remote Data Backup & Recovery – Start protecting your data automatically, and ever worry about data loss again! FREE 5GB Account to test drive, with no expiration or credit cards required.

iDrive Offsite Backup

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