The corners on my iPad are dented in, can you fix this?

Corner dent repair is INCLUDED with the iPads screen replacement. 99% of the iPads in for repair have dented corners from the impact drop. The edge frame of the iPad is very soft aluminum alloy, which dents very easily.

ipad repair tool
Corner or frame dents must be reshaped, for the new digitizer panel WILL NOT fit & install correctly when any part of the ipads aluminum outer frame is dented in. We use a special tool to reshape the iPads corners and frame back out in order to install the new digitizer touch screen.
The answer to the question, yes we can fix or reshape the dented in corners.
Note: Corners that are bent out of alignment, not level with frame require additional time & work, IF repairable is $15-$25 extra.

Missing metal, crushed metal ipad frames, puncture holes, bent frames, mangled frames, I cannot repair 100% again.


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