Just purchased a new computer, what should I do first?

Create a system image or better known as “recovery disks”. VERY IMPORTANT!
For Windows 7, for example,, have yourself 3-5 blank DVD’s available, click Start Menu, look for “Maintenance Folder”, click on “Back & Restore”. Look on left side for “Create A System Image” and click on, follow instructions and prompts. Label the DVD’s as instructed, store is a safe place.

Creating these Recovery Disks will save you $100+ if your operating system needs reinstalled due to virus or file corruption damage. This is a very simple procedure, and very important to do!

Manufactures usually install a recovery partition, section on the hard drive that can be used to reinstall the OS. IF that hard drive goes out, fails, this recovery partition will do you know good on the bad drive. New hard drives are blank and need an operating system installed, with recovery disks this can be done easily, saving you money.


Then create a System Repair Disk:
For Windows 10:
Windows 10 System Recovery & System Repair Disk
Install anti virus software such as Kaspersky or Bitdefender or Eset Anti Virus. Install specific “on demand” malware detection & removal software such as Malwarebytes Anti Malware. And run periodic scans.
Next, install iDrive Offsite backup FREE 5 GB Account.
Regular subscription gives you 1000GB of storage space for under $3.95 per month. iDrive’s software will automatically keep your important data backed up and protected against hardware failure and data loss. Data can be easily recovered by re-downloading ALL your data back, at any time, from anywhere or to any device.

Comparison –
– Data Recovery companies charge $250-$500+ to recover data from failed hard drive. And can take weeks before it is completed.

iDrive Automatic Backup & Recovery about $3.95 per month.

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