How long will you hold my computer, laptop or iPad?

45 Days Period!
I do not have the storage space or insurance liability for holding your equipment forever. All customers agree to make a diligent effort to keep in contact with Lightspeeds Computer Repair and decide how they would like their repair resolved in a timely manner.

Any device left behind longer than 45 days from invoice date, with no contact, no return calls or arrangement for payment on the repair or services will be deemed abandoned & forfeited ownership. Terms Of Service.

Any hardware installed to repair said equipment will be removed, before disposal recycling. All records of attempted contact emails, attempted contact phone calls, times and dates are logged.
You affirm, understand your device will be recycled, discarded, disposed or sold after being left behind over 45 days with no arrangement for payment.

You affirm, Lightspeeds Computer Repair will not be held responsible, accountable or liable in any way for any device left behind after 45 days from invoice, or the data on those device left behind after 45 days, that have been abandoned – forfeited by the customer by our Terms Of Service as stated.

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