Dell Studio 1558 Blank Screen – Solved!

Dell Studio 1558Had a Dell Studio 1558 come in today. When the customer called he was inquiring about a screen replacement estimate for the Dell. As he drops it off here, I turn laptop on screen is not cracked, it lit dim but the screen was completely blank – black with no graphics at all. Customer stated the laptop works fine on a external monitor. I stated “this is a screen problem here, for that screen just lit up as I turned laptop on.”
Well gave the customer the price of a new screen with a second cheaperoption. A used compatible used screen for half the price of a new one. And I also emphasized “no warranty on the used screen though.” He went with the used option. Well I put the used “new” screen in and it does the same thing. Screen lights up blank dark with no graphics.

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Dell StudioI turn the laptop over, and remove the rear cover and found one of the memory modules sticking upright, popped loose. So that drop on this laptop hit so hard it popped one of the memory sticks loose. Took care of that, but still no change with display.

Then opened up the laptop by removing top power panel above keyboard. And right there I’m looking at the video cable half out of the motherboard socket. This laptop hit the ground so hard it popped memory module loose, and the video cable loose to motherboard AND did not damage the screen???

Display was fine as normal after that, all done!

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