Dell Latitude D630 Service Disassembly Guide

Older Dell laptop still in great shape, was overheating bad at 98 celsius under load. With an idle temp of 66-68 celsius.

First off, this is a guide and by no means does Lightspeeds Computer Repair take any responsibility in the dis-assembly of your laptop by this guide & photos, and you damaging the laptop. Dis-assemble at your own risk.

Dell Latitude D630

Remove the battery

You have 13 screws on the bottom side that have to be removed.

Green highlights in pic are the 2 hard drive screws, Once these 2 screws are out, the hard drive pulls right out.



Dell Latitude D630
From there, turn laptop back over. Top power bar strip near LCD above keyboard needs to come off.

Start on the right side with a small screw driver and popup that corner as you see in photo.

Carefully pull up from the right side going across to the left side to popup and pull power bar strip off. There are no cables underneath attaching this power bar.



Dell Latitude D630



Removing the power strip bar.





Dell Latitude D630


Power Strip Bar is off





Dell Latitude D630


3 screws to remove for the keyboard, 1 in the middle as you see in photo. 1 on the left corner, and 1 on the right corner.




Dell Latitude D630

3 keyboard screws up near screen removed, keyboard lifts up at the top. Be careful there is a ribbon cable attached to motherboard neat the bottom of keyboard.





Dell D630 Keyboard Ribbon cable


Keyboard cable connector, grab the bar and pull straight up.

There is a small blue clamp or bracket holding cable down also



Dell Latitude D630 Keyboard Connector






Dell Latitude D630




Dell Latitude D630

3 Screws To Remove

Dis connect the video cable

Dis connect the 2 wireless cables

Other cables you can pull up out if tracks



Dell Latitude D630 LCD

There are 2 screws on the outside top back part of the laptop where the VGA and dc jack port is at. Left and right corner, remove these 2 screws.

LCD screen panel should pull straight up and off laptop if you have all cables detached.




Dell Latitude D630


CDrom Drive Screw. Once removed cd drive can be removed. Use a paperclip to pop cd tray open, and there is a latch on the same side, or tray side that releases the cdrom tray.


There are 2 other screws to remove (2 photos up, in red) that need to come out to get palmrest off.


Dell Latitude D630






Dell Latitude Palmrest Removal

I’m using an old plastic gift card to pop the palmrest loose. It starts best up near screen area, and work towards the “front” touchpad” area. From has some inner clips, so you have to left up near screen and tilt back towards front touchpad area to remove the palmrest.





Dell Latitude D630 Heatsink

4 screws to remove for heatsink removal

DC Power jack is a soldered on component. Top part of this photo to the right, straight above copper heatsink tubes, silver square near on back of laptop. To replace the dc jack, motherboard needs to be fully removed, broken jack de-soldered off board, new dc jack soldered on.




Dell Latitude D630 Cooling Repair



And look what we have here?



Dell D630 Heatsink


What it should look like, cleaned off.

Old thermal crap ,cleaned off cpu and heatsink

Fresh Arctic Cooling MX2 thermal compound applied to CPU



Laptop re-assembled, temperature after repair:

Idle Temp = 42 46 celsiusDell Latitude D630 Cooling Repair

Load Temp ( 2 hours under full load) = 62 celsius


Before repair idle temp was 66-68, load temp was 92++ celsius
That is more than a 30 degree drop in temperature!


The main heat source is the CPU, the heat building up inside of laptop was due to the blocked heatsink exhaust (3 photos up)

Dell Latitude D630 Graphics Chip

Video Graphics Chip > Yellow Highlighted Square in photo >>>>>

The Dell Latitude D630, as 95% of most laptops has a integrated video graphics chip, which means it is part of the motherboard. Graphics chip cannot be changed out or repaired if the heat has damaged it. Entire motherboard needs replaced. And that will be hard to find at a cheap, reasonable price, maybe on ebay “used or refurbished” but still very high priced compared to a desktop motherboard. Connect an external monitor, switch over to external if you have a good display on external, graphics chip is fine. Your screen, or power inverter, or video cable, or connectors are at fault (or a combination of all 3) to the laptops display. IF your external monitor when connected to laptop after key switch over is black, no display your graphics chip is most likely at fault, or bad memory module.

This laptop is probably several years old, duo core still a good laptop. Installed new drive and fresh install so this laptop will last a long time now. That heat would of killed this laptop for sure!

Posted by: Lightspeeds PC Repair Evans GA
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    *Hardware was just recently fixed, and all the information was lost
    *Complete message- “Setup could not verify the integrity of the files needed for installation. Make sure the Cryptographic service is running on this computer”

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