Dell Inspiron N5050 Windows 10 Compatibility – Solved!

Dell Inspiron m5050Customer came in with a Dell Insprion N5050 which was upgraded to Windows 10 recently and has not really worked properly since the upgrade, and recently would not boot up at all. The Dell Inspiron N5050 model laptop needs Bio’s update “A05” on Dells website for Windows 10 to function properly.

Entered the advanced repair options for Windows 10 on the laptop, system restore AND “reset” pc did not work wither. I reinstalled Windows 10 clean, booted up and during video driver installation the screen went completely black, no display. Rebooted, and after Dell post screen, screen went black.

Dell’s website reports – “Product not tested for Windows 10 upgrade”

iDrive Offsite Backup

Dell Inspiron n5050 Drivers & Bio’s update from Dell’s website

System restore showed a restore point created right after the clean reinstallation. Was able to restore back prior to updating video driver, which gave me a display back. Then went to Dells website and updated Bio’s to latest version available which was version “A05”.

Once the Bio’s “A05” update was installed, I was then able to install video driver, update ALL drivers and the laptop now runs perfectly. Drivers used were all Windows 7 drivers off of Dells website.
Dell N5050 Bio’s Update “A05”
Note: there is always a risk in turning the motherboard into a permanent paperweight when updating the Bio’s! Make sure battery is charged AND laptop’s main power cord is plugged in when updating Bio’s.
Sometimes these Windows 10 upgrades need a bit more than just updating drivers. Checking Bio’s version currently on computer and checking on manufacture website for the model and seeing what Bio’s version is available can help as in this Dell Inspiron N5050.

Dell Inspiron N5050

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  1. ajay  May 31, 2017

    This worked for me as well. Thanks Ajay


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