Laptop DC Power Jack Repair $99

Laptop DC Jack RepairLaptop no longer charge? Laptop power socket loose? Intermittent battery charge indicator? Common symptoms that the laptops dc power jack inside of the laptop is damaged and has lost power connection with the motherboard. About Lightspeeds PC Repair

When the laptops internal dc jack breaks, the laptops main power supply from power cord to laptop is broken. Customer Testimonials
Laptop DC Jack RepairPartially broken power jack connection to motherboard results in an intermittent power connection. Which is positioning the power cord a certain way to get a charge indicator on laptop. This intermittent power connection can cause permanent damage to the laptops motherboard eventually by power surging the motherboards electronics.
Laptop DC Jack Repair For:
Dell, HP, Compaq, Gateway, Acer, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, IBM, Lenovo, Asus, MSI, Alienware.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Service Questions


2 DC Power Jack Repair Service Options:

1. – Laptop DC Jack Power Repair $99

Laptop DC Jack RepairParts, Labor & Complete Internal Cleaning Included

  • Laptops Power Cord Tested
  • Laptop Dis-Assembly
  • Internal Cleaning – Cooling Fan, Heatsink Exhaust & System Board
  • Power Jack Inspected & Power Tested
  • Broken DC Jack De-Soldered Off System Board
  • DC Jack Repair

  • New Replacement DC Jack Soldered / Installed
  • CPU Heatsink Cleaned & Polished
  • Arctic Cooling MX2 Thermal Paste – 8 Year Durability
  • Power Test Prior To Laptop Assembly
  • Laptop Re-Assembly (When Applicable)
  • Power Tested After Laptop Assembly

Service above is a full dis-assembly, dc power jack repair, internal cleaning – cooling modification while I have it opened up ($59 service included) & reassembly of the laptop by Lightspeeds Computer Repair.

2. – Carry In / Ship Motherboard For DC Power Jack Repair $45

DC Jack RepairWith this $45 laptop dc jack repair service, if you are inclined to do so, customer dis-assembles laptop, carries in or ships motherboard in for dc jack repair and re-assembles laptop with this option.

We replace (desolder / solder) the broken dc power jack on the laptop. Clean fan & heatsink, apply fresh thermal paste on processor and volt meter test new power jack to ensure motherboard is receiving power after new dc jack installed.
Parts – Labor Included

Note: If you have never dis-assembled, and reassembled a laptop before I don’t recommend it.
For it is very sensitive, meticulous time consuming work. One wrong move on re-assembly and you can damage the laptop beyond reasonable repair.

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DC Power Jack – Completion Repair Time:

1 to 3 Business Days: – With replacement part on hand to repair your laptop or if it just a broken solder connection inside of the laptop.
4 to 7 Business Days: – Estimated completion time when part for your laptop needs to be ordered, shipped and delivered.
Completion time also depends on existing scheduled workload & repairs.



Broken DC Jack Symptoms:

Laptop Dc Jack Repair

  • Battery will not charge in the laptop?
  • Laptop will not power on (no lights) with power cord only
  • Laptops DC Jack socket coonection is loose
  • Intermittent battery charge indicator in system tray?
  • Battery charge indicator only shows when you hold cord plug to laptop in a certain position?


Why The DC Jack Breaks:

Laptop Dc Jack RepairAny excessive lateral, vertical, horizontal pressure on the laptops internal power connector (dc jack) can weaken or break the power connection. Accidental abuse or even just plain normal use can break the solder joints that hold the dc jack to system board or break the dc jack pin internally.

  • Laptop is dropped & lands on power plug side, jamming cord into the laptops dc jack.
  • Power cord is tripped over as you get up from chair, which “yanks” the dc jack hard.
  • Family pet runs by and trips over power cord, which pulls on connection.
  • Tight fitting cord plug, which causes you to put excessive pressure just to plug cord in everyday, can weaken or break the solder joints on the dc jack.
  • Not being careful when plugging or unplugging power cord.
  • Normal everyday use can even loosen the laptops dc jack connection to the motherboard.

Laptop DC Jack Repair Warranty:
Lightspeeds Computer Repair provides a free 6 month limited warranty on all laptop dc jack repairs.
Accidental user damage to the dc jack is not covered under this warranty. Our dc jack replacement & soldering of the laptops dc jack will last a lifetime under normal use.
*** Prices Subject To Change ***


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