Laptop DC Power Jack Repair $89

Laptop DC Jack RepairLaptop no longer charge? Laptop power socket loose? Intermittent battery charge indicator? Common symptoms that the laptops dc power jack, main power connector or commonly known as the”charging port” inside of the laptop is possibly damaged and has lost connection with the motherboard.

Common breakdown and known weak spot on all laptops. One to many trips over the cord, to many hard pulls of the cord can weaken and break the main dc jack power connector pin inside of the laptop. Customer Testimonials & Reviews

DC Power Jack Completion Time = 4 – 6 Business Days
(Special order part for your laptop)

Lightspeeds PC Repair is home operated computer repair service in Evans GA. With this in mind,, Please Contact for address, and to schedule a drop off time, thank you!


Diagnostics Estimate Of Repair
Included FREE of charge with the your authorized complete – full repair of your device. What ever the problems, if you allow us to complete the repair, diagnostics fee is waived – no charge.

  • Desktop Computer Diagnostics Repair Estimate (Repair Declined – Estimate Only) $29
    Non Refundable
  • Laptop Diagnostics Repair Estimate (Repair Declined – Estimate Only) $39
    Non Refundable
  • Insurance Diagnostics Estimate & Complete Report $59
    Includes complete insurance report document with estimate of repair, and communication & answering any questions with your insurance company. Non Refundable.

DC Power Jack Repair Service Options:

1. – Laptop DC Jack Power Repair $89

New DC Jack, Labor & Complete Internal Cleaning Included

This DC Power Jack repair service is a complete dis-assembly, circuit board soldering work (when applicable) and reassembly of the laptop. Includes internal cleaning ($65 service included)

  • Laptops Power Cord Volt Tested
  • Laptop Dis-Assembly
  • Cooling Fan & Heatsink Exhaust Cleaned
  • Power Jack Inspected & Power Tested
  • Broken DC Jack De-Soldered Off
  • New Replacement DC Jack Soldered
  • CPU Heatsink Cleaned & Polished
  • Arctic Cooling MX2 Thermal Paste – 8 Year Durability
  • Power Volt Test Prior To Laptop Assembly
  • Laptop Re-Assembly (When Applicable)
  • Power On Test After Laptop Assembly

2. – Carry In Or Ship Motherboard For DC Jack Repair $39

DC Jack RepairWith this $39 laptop dc jack repair service, if you are inclined to do so, customer dis-assembles laptop, carries in or ships motherboard in for dc jack replacement and re-assembles laptop with this option.

We replace (desolder / solder) the broken dc power jack on the laptop. Clean fan & heatsink, apply fresh thermal paste on processor and volt meter test new power jack to ensure motherboard is receiving power after new dc jack installed.

  • Parts, Labor & 6 Month Limited Warranty Included
  • Return Shipping Is Extra
  • Complete Time = 4-6 Business Days
    (Special order part for your laptop)
  • *** All Prices Subject To Change ***


    Laptop DC Jack Repair Warranty:

    Laptop DC Jack RepairLightspeeds Computer Repair provides a free 6 month limited warranty on all laptop dc jack repairs.

    Accidental user damage to the dc jack is not covered under this warranty. As you see in photos on this page, this dc jack is very small, and fragile. Not designed for excessive pressure.

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