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Maintaining regular backups of ALL your important files at ALL times is critical. You run the risk of losing ALL CRITICAL IMPORTANT DATA stored on your computer due to hardware failure and or, virus malware infections. Hard drives (where your data is stored) have a life span of 3-5 years. Some will fail sooner, or last longer depending on how well you maintained optimal performance on your computer.

I personally use iDrive – Automatic Offsite Data Backup & Recovery. Your daily backups are automatic by iDrive’s software. Recovery is as easy as downloading all your data back to your computer, your new or repaired computer or any other computer from anywhere once logged into your iDrive account. Start protecting your important irreplaceable data today, and never worry about data loss again. $52 per year = $4.33 per month for automatic data backup & recovery from iDrive.

iDrive – 5 GB FREE Account To Try – No Expiration

iDrive Offsite Backup


Data Backup Services

Lightspeeds Computer Repair Data Backup is offered before any repair on your computer or laptop begins as a precautionary measure,, when possible.

  • Data Back Up To 3 DVD Disks $45
    ** 12.3 GB Limit **
  • Data Back Up To Customers Supplied External Storage Device –
    The amount of data to be recovered – backed up determines the recovery backup cost –

    80GB or Less Of Data = $65
    +81GB to 130GB of Data = $95
    +131GB to 180GB of Data = $140
    +181GB Of Data = $190

  • Data Transfer Back To Same Or Another PC $45
    ** 100 GB Limit / +100 GB Of Transferred Data = $75 **
  • Automatic Offsite Daily Data Backup & Recovery
    Full Year Subscription $52.12
    *** Please Note: I will not backup or transfer hacks, cracks, pirated software or pornography **
    Save yourself the expense, stress and worry about backing up your important files by signing up with
    iDrive – Automatic Offsite Data Backup & Recovery

    Data Backup


    Data Recovery From A Non Working Computer $75 -$200+

    For example hard drive is good, intact & working,, but computer itself is non functional.

    Price varies on the AMOUNT of data to be recovered, and transfer storage device.
    * No Guarantee Your Data Can Be Recovered *
    HARD DRIVE FAILURE > I Cannot Recover Data From A Failed Hard Drive
    Mechanical failure of the hard drive, you will need to seek a company that specializes in that type of data recovery. These companies are very expensive for it requires a “clean room”, lab type environment for this data recovery. For example, one of the few companies & links below:
    Specialized Hard Drive Failure Data Recovery Companies:

    Average cost from these data recovery companies $300-$1000

    Location – Evans Augusta GA

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