Custom Built Desktop Computers

Rosewill Nighthawk 117Looking for that right desktop computer. Need a quality built, high performing home, office or gaming desktop computer? Custom built WITHOUT computer manufacture “bloatware” & malware pre-installed? Built with quality components rather than cheap hardware internals from generic off the shelf “package” sales? With 3-5 year or possibly lifetime manufacture hardware warranty?   Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Custom built desktop computer is the way to go especially for longevity, upgrades and performance over the major manufacture generic computers sold on store shelves. I’m finding many newer $300-$400 cheap “computers” are being built by major computer manufactures with hardware from 1990’s. Hardware & performance from Windows XP era computers. Store bought computers are pre loaded with manufacture “bloatware”, adware and malware off the shelf. New looking on the outside, outdated, cheap, low performing unreliable hardware “under the hood”.

If you have always owned a store bought manufactured computer, then you have never owned a real computer.

Custom Built Desktop Computers Are Built Per Order
Custom Built Desktop Computer
> Custom built home, office desktop computer can be customized & built starting at around $600-$800

> Custom Built Gaming Computer $900-$1500++ (Depending on how “high end” you would like)

(A high end “gaming computer” works very well as a “super-duper” home office pc also.)

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For a price estimate on a quality built desktop computer I need to know:

– What you will be using the computer for – home, office, internet, email, programs you are currently using.

– For a gaming computer – games you are currently running or would like to run effectively. Single display or multiple monitors?

– And or specific hardware you might be interested in. (For example a solid state drive, AMD or Intel processor etc)

– And a maximum budget to work with…………….

Benefits of a Solid State Drive (aka SSD): 10-15 times faster than standard mechanical hard drives, all electronic with no moving parts = longer lasting & reliability, less heat, life span 15-20+ years. SSD average read / write speeds of SSD = 500-560 mbps, Standard mechanical hard drive 90-100 mbps. SSD boots computer in 5-8 seconds, program load time is lightening fast.

Standard Mechanical Hard Drive: cost less than SSD, very slow in comparison to SSD, has moving internal disk platters, prone to early failure, life span of 1-5 years, been around since the beginning of computers. Boot time of 45-90 seconds.

Cost comparison: SSD 275GB $99.99, SSD 512GB $200. Standard hard drive 1000GB $75

If your interested in performance, reliability and life span a Solid State Drive (SSD) is what I recommend.

Custom Computer Build Warranty



Custom Built Desktop Computers Includes

MSI Z97 Gaming 5

  • Component Installation – Assembly Of The Custom Built Computer
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Cable Management Installation For Maximum Case Air Flow
  • Operating System Installation
  • Anti Virus Software
  • Security & Maintenance Software
  • Open Office Suite
  • 6 Month Limited Warranty On Installation Build *
    (Monitor, & Printer Not Included)
    * Components manufacture warranties apply and extend longer from 3 to 5+ years.

    Trust me, I pick the computer components out very carefully with manufacture reputation, compatibility, upgrade-ability , quality and provided manufacture warranty in mind. You don’t find these components in “off the shelf” manufactured generic computers in the store.
    Once your computer build has been decided on, and total cost finalized, deposit is required on total components prior to ordering.
    Completion Time From Ordering, Receiving Components, And Assembly To An Up & Running Computer: 5 – 7 business days.



    Have The Components But Need Computer Assembled?

    MSI Z97 Gaming 5

    • Assembly of Computer & Your Chosen Components To Bio’s Post Screen $80
      Components Extra. (Air Cooling Only)
    • I Can Also Source The Hardware Components Working Within Your Budget & Requirements, Build & Assemble Your Computer $109

    Note: – I will not install ANY “pirated”, bootleg copies of Microsoft Operating System, or ANY pirated software.

    Custom Computer