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I will take my computer here when it needs service again.

He had to remove some stuff that had locked my computer up. He did a great job and explained everything to me in a friendly and professional way.

Donnie James
January 29, 2019

Great work from Lightspeed P.C. Repair

Excellent choice. Lightspeeds took a 10 to 12 year old computer that my wife loves and restored it to working current spec’s. We were contacted at every about problem that needed to be corrected and what the cost might be. I know where I’ll go for any computer repairs which may be required in the future. Job well done and priced reasonably. Thanks Don.

Fay Ray
January 23, 2019

Great Service

We all dread computer repair. Not any more, this was by far the best experience with computer repair I have ever had. Fast and efficient. Very reasonable rates, also.

Lyman Latham
October 22, 2018


I was very pleased with this service. I had called a few repairs shops around the are and they had commented that they did not know if my computer could be repaired or not. When I called Lightspeeds, Don the owner said that he could repair my computer. I have a Dell Laptop and the power port was broken. I took the computer over to Lightspeeds and Don was very polite and friendly. He said that it might take a few days to get the part in and that was on a Friday. Don called on Monday and said that my computer was ready and waiting. I went over and picked the computer up, brought it home and it works great. Saved me the cost of a new computer for sure. I must say excellent service provided by Don and it was completed very quickly. I would recommend Lightspeeds to any of my friends or relatives. GREAT JOB DON. I forgot to mention the the cost of repair was very reasonable also. Thank you.
David Edison Biggs

August 14, 2018

Great Prices and repair job!

I called Lightspeeds PC repair late one night when my computer was infected by a very nasty virus. Lightspeeds PC returned my call the next day and scheduled an appt immediately. If you are put off by conducting business in someones home… 1 – you are lame. 2 – you will miss out on a great service. Lightspeeds PC place of business is in his home in Evans GA.

The owner (yes he’s a one man operation) was free from attitude, and had no chip on his shoulder like IT guys sometimes get. He made me feel comfortable, quoted me a price that didn’t change and my computer was ready in 24 hours. I liked the experience and will call him again and refer all my friends.

Amber Foltz
Augusta GA
June 4, 2018

Professional repair job!

My laptop was operating very sluggish, unresponsive and generally very slow. Lightspeeds PC repair called a few hours after dropping off, informed me “laptop needs a good tuneup, cleaning”. Picked the laptop up the following day and let me tell you… this laptop has NEVER performed this quick even when brand new. Windows 10 now performing very well. No problems with this guy, he knows what he is doing without all the technical terms. His rates are more than reasonable. Highly recommend!

Steve Hogan
Grovetown GA
March 30, 2018

Really excellent service at a great price

Really excellent service at a great price. He runs it out of his home, and he is honest, and extremely knowledgeable in his craft. I would fully recommend him to anyone for repair. Very glad I found his service. He got me out of a hitch fast.

Sarah Tuskey
Martinez GA
March 18, 2018


I admit, at first when I called Lightspeed I was a little…nervous.. to say the least about a home based computer repair company, however, as a digital artist and Dungeon Master/Storyteller on the weekends not having my Alienware to carry around to meetings with my players was starting to become a real issue. So, I held my breath and took a chance with this company. AND WHAT AN AMAZING JOB!!! Not only was my computer ready in less than 3 days, the gentleman I dealt with was quite polite and friendly. A HUGE PLUS for a lady like me. I was also worried that since this was a home based company, that it would be piled roof high with tech stuff and just look… well… rather unpleasant like some of the computer places that I had seen before. NOPE. It was a well, kept, clean home and I didn’t feel swallowed up with wires and do-dads.

Now that she is home, my little baby is up and running, with NO ISSUES at all. He was able to save all my DM files, player records, and even my videos made for the various campaigns and shenanigans I have in store for my players. If I EVER need any computer/laptop work done again I will not hesitate to return (and refer all my players) to this company.

From the bottom of my heart ( and my players), THANK YOU LIGHTSPEEDS!!!!

Tammara Hilton and Cory Wells
Harlem GA
December 19, 2017

Very quick & reasonable repair…

Very quick & reasonable repair. Laptop would seem to turn on but with no display, black screen. Thought my screen was dead. He determined it was a bad memory stick in my laptop. Had it repaired, and picked up later same day as I dropped off. Thank you!

Lauren Tucker
Grovetown GA
November 24, 2017

Outstanding Service

Quick, efficient and professional. I highly recommend Lightspeeds repair service

John Belser
Evans, GA
July 26, 2017

Very professional and quick!

Very professional and quick! He kindly offered to repair my dad’s iPad on his day off so my dad would have it in time for his birthday !! Very pleased with the iPad; the cracked screen is gone, and it looks brand new!!

Jayy Utley
Augusta GA
June 20, 2017

Very professional experience…

Very professional experience with Lightspeeds Computer Repair. My desktop was quickly repaired and at a very reasonable price. Thank you for a job well done.

Ronnie D Lofton
Grovetown GA
May 22, 2017

Impeccable work & service…

I received a very quick response and my iPad screen was replaced quicker than promised. Looks and works like brand new. Couldn’t beat the price I was quoted. If I need any other repairs, I would definitely go back. I highly recommend. Thanks very much.

Deborah Hooper
Augusta GA
May 21, 2017

WONDERFUL Customer Service. A++++ experience!…

Excellent Communication. Fast Repair. WONDERFUL Customer Service. A++++ experience!

Kristen Dietert
Evans GA
May 3, 2017

Great service, good communication and….

Great service; good communication and quick turnaround. Very reasonable priced repair. Highly recommend!

Caroline Wright
Augusta GA
May 3, 2017

Don was so professional, and

Don was so professional, and so kind to help resolve a problem at the last minute. I can’t thank him enough. He repaired my computer, and set up safe guards so this problem won’t happen again.

Sally Poole
Augusta GA
May 3, 2017

Highly Recommend

I took my desktop computer to be looked at as it appeared the hard drive had crashed within 4 days it was diagnosed new hard drive put in as well as Windows and other applications installed. Would highly recommend.

Tana Mulcahy
Grovetown GA
April 27, 2017

My ASUS G53 laptop had

My ASUS G53 laptop had been dead for over a year and a half with a broken power pin that I didn’t feel comfortable fixing since you had to take the whole thing apart. In just a couple of days he had it back up and running, plus the vents were cleared off any blockages. Running as smooth as it was before. Thanks again!

Alex Xellort
Augusta GA
April 27, 2017

Fast, friendly and honest service…

He knows his stuff and I don’t plan on using any other service to repair any computer from now on. Fixed my laptop and explained everything about what he had done and shared his knowledge of preventing further similar problems. Highly recommended!

Paul Lewis
Appling GA
March 12, 2017

Awesome work & rates

My laptop was lockdown by a bad virus, nothing would function properly or open. Lightspeeds PC did a great job disinfecting the computer, AND was completed by the following afternoon. Laptop is running great! Fully customized Windows 10 for me, and have a the regular start menu back! Reasonable repair prices, professional and explains things in non technical terms. I know where to come next time, thank you!

Stan Collins
Appling GA
March 2, 2017

Excellent service. Very professional!

Excellent service. Very professional! And he was very thorough will his synopsis of the situation. iPad screen repair. Thank you!

Carol Gordy
Grovetown GA
February 8, 2017

Thanks guys – you’re great

Thanks from Queensland, Australia for your tech advice. I ended up replacing my HD to get rid of a very bad trojan and did not know how to turn Windows 8 back into Windows 10. Lightspeeds replied to my request for help on Windows 10 Facebook page, giving me the link I needed and a nudge in the right direction. Thanks guys – you’re great. All the best for 2017!

Ian Brock
Queensland, Australia
January 24, 2017

Expert Repair

My wife placed her I PAD on the kitchen counter, she removed a bowl from the cabinet and it slipped from her hand ,landing on the I PAD.DON looked at the damage, ordered the parts to repair and repaired the I PAD in 2 Days turn around. EXPERT REPAIR and Excellent Customer Service. I will not use a brick and mortor store again.

Milton Shelly
Hephzibah GA
January 18, 2017

Service was quick!

Service was quick (couple days). He took the time to explain the problem he found and how he fixed it. Left me with some additional software to monitor performance of my computer. Laptop had been randomly shutting down when I would use it. He quickly diagnosed the which was an overheating problem, and also gave my laptop a much needed tune up. I have had my laptop back now for several weeks with no issues. Would recommend trying him out.

Grovetown GA
January 16, 2017

Recommend staying away from Gadget Clinic!

This is the 2nd repair I have had to make on my iPad. The first time I went to Gadget Clinic and I was not impressed at all. This time I found Lightspeeds PC Repair. When I picked my iPad up I could immediately tell the difference in the quality of work. It was even a better price for the repair and he didn’t even charge me for the extra work to clean up the mess from Gadget Clinic. I definitely recommend Lightspeeds for any glass repair of your mobile device and would recommend staying away from Gadget Clinic!

Troy Taylor
Martinez GA
January 3, 2017

The service was wonderful and quick

The service was wonderful and quick! After taking my cracked iPad screen to the geek squad at Best Buy, and being quoted a ridiculous price of $500, I am so glad that I found lightspeeds repair! My iPad was fixed and returned the following day for only $95!

Amanda Deas
Augusta GA
December 28, 2016

Did a great job on an Ipad Mini repair

Did a great job on an Ipad Mini repair. I have several more items that need to be repaired. Lightspeeds is the ONLY place I will take my electronics to for repairs. Very knowledgeable, great work, amazing prices. Will tell everyone this is the place to go.

Rhonda Ledford
North Augusta SC
December 23, 2016

I dropped a heavy coffee

I dropped a heavy coffee mug on the corner of my ‘mini Apple ipad’ and shattered my screen‼️I found Don on google…..the rest is history‼️I took it to him, within 24 hours got it back (just like new) and just under a $90‼️I have found a real iPad , computer, laptop etc., repairman ‼️😎👍😊

Leo Conner
Retired Southern Company
December 14, 2016


Don is not just my neighbor and great human being; he is trustworthy and when it comes to his profession, NO ONE LIKE HIM. Honesty is the best I get from him. Thanks Don.

Jose Martinez
Home Sweet Home
December 5, 2016

I had opened an email….

I had opened an email that contained a very bad malware virus when I knew this was bad, I immediately started searching for help, and it was easy to find Lightspeeds Computer Repair! When I called them Don, asked several questions and said he would take care of the problem for me, a day and a half later I was back picking up my pc. I would highly recommend Don and Lightspeeds Computer Repair to everyone! Thanks for saving my business Don!

Kevin Marken
November 26, 2016

Excellent Job!

Excellent repair job on my ipad mini. Price was fair & reasonable, work & service was top notch. Highly recommend!

Peter Bonner
Augusta Georgia
October 25, 2016

Great job! would not hesitate

Great job! Would not hesitate to use again.

Warren Waltz
Augusta GA
September 29, 2016


Had my iPad repaired previously at the Augusta Mall, and was not happy at all. Dents were not fix, thus leaving my new glass sticking up off frame, 2 days later it cracked again and they wanted another $110 to repair it. DO NOT HAVE YOUR IPAD REPAIRED AT THE MALL! Found and called Lightspeeds repair, read there reviews here and took a chance and glad I did. Professional, quality repair completed by the following day. The repair looks great, and only $75 including fixing the dents. Very happy and highly recommended!

Ken Ethridge
Augusta GA
September 27, 2016

Very Satisfied With Quality Of Service

Carried an older HP laptop to Lightspeeds to be serviced and removal of virus etc. Very satisfied with quality of services provided with very reasonable cost. Highly recommend Lightspeeds.

Harris Atkins
Augusta GA
September 19, 2016

Had screen on IPad replaced.

Had screen on IPad replaced. No problems and was quickly fixed.

Brenda Catchings
Augusta GA
August 12, 2016

PC Repair

Don with Lightspeeds PC repair recently repaired my Gateway PC. Chief complaint was hard to start and running slow. My issues were resolved in a more than timely matter. Highly recommend Lightspeeds.

Wayne Gray
Augusta GA
July 8, 2016

Awesome repair & price…

Awesome repair on my iPad 4 screen, looks brand new again! Even the dents are gone. Polite, professional and quick repair. Lowest price in town, trust me I called around to. Very happy with price & repair, thank you!

Rebecca Corbin
Evans GA
July 5, 2016

Excellent Service…

Excellent service. Quality repair done quickly and at a reasonable price.

April Dudley
Augusta GA
June 27, 2016

Prices are fair and reasonable… 5 Stars!

Our family has used Lightspeed on 3 separate occasions. Each time service has always been most efficient. In the event that an issue could not be resolved Don made sure to at least salvage our important documents and photos. Prices are fair and reasonable. We will continue to be customers!

Latoya Harris
Evans GA
June 12, 2016

Great job and one happy customer!

My laptop was ridden with spyware and bugs and it was really aggravating. I found Lightspeeds Computer Repair doing a search. I wanted some place reliable and reasonably priced that would not keep my laptop forever. Lightspeeds was all that. Their price was much better that some other places I checked and I could have had my laptop back the next evening after I took it in had I not been headed out of town! I have not had a single issue with it since! Great job and one happy customer!

Lynn Pennington
Evans GA
May 26, 2016

It was a great experience! 5 Stars!!

I tried to do business with one of the well known computer shops around town, however when I called them after hours on a Friday there was no outgoing message nor was there a way for me to leave a voicemail. I then went online to find out what time they opened the next day, and they didn’t have that posted either. Completely frustrated, I then found Lightspeeds online. Their site even had their hours of operation…imagine that. I called the next day and left a message which was promptly returned. They got my computer working and charged a very fair price. Don was very helpful in discussing what happened with my computer as well as advising me on what I needed to do to keep it from happening again. It was a great experience and I will definitely refer people to him. 😀

Greg Rowland
Evans GA
May 25, 2016

Excellent computer repair work, reasonable cost…

Satisfied with computer repair work. Reasonable cost. Explained necessary work.

Ron Cox
Grovetown GA
May 25, 2016

Very satisfied with the repair of my iPad…

I had excellent customer service and was very satisfied with the repair of my Ipad. I would highly recommend Lightspeed PC Repair.

S. Albert
Augusta GA
May 19, 2016

Computer working better than ever…..

Fixed my desktop virus issues quickly for a fair price. Highly recommend Lightspeeds PC in Evans for your computer issues. 🙂

Nathan Gay
Augusta GA
May 19, 2016

Very satisfied…

Lightspeeds PC in Evans worked on my laptop and netbook, cleaned it up in 2 days. Very satisfied. I highly recommended him to all my friends.

Helga Eller
Augusta GA
May 14, 2016

Service was prompt and good…

I had been looking for someone to service my computer. Found Lightspeeds Computer repair. The best thing. Service was prompt and good. Thank you very much for all of your hard work! 🙂

Delia Marshal
Augusta GA
April 29, 2016

Awesome work, great price and very happy!

PC Repair Augusta GA

Excellent work & repair price on my iPad 3 screen. Found Lightspeeeds PC from a friends referral. Dropped it off late in the day around 5pm, and was ready early the following afternoon. Did not cost me an “arm and a leg”, and MUCH lower than the Apple store offered me. Awesome work, great price and very happy!

Stacy Carter
Aiken SC
April 14, 2016

Very honest and affordable with pricing. 5 Stars!

Lightspeeds PC repairs work is awesome and he is very honest and affordable with pricing. Other places wanted $250+ to repair a cracked laptop screen but my laptop is only 3 years old still in great condition. I’d rather spend that money on a new laptop. Thank you Lightspeeds PC repair I completely forgot to write a review but I definitely recommend lightspeed repairs to everyone.

Grovetown GA
March 17, 2016

Fair and reasonable price…

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
Fast, friendly, and did what he said he would for a fair and reasonable price. Recommend highly.

Russell Winter
Augusta GA
March 3, 2016

The service provided was impeccable.. 10 Stars!

The service provided was impeccable. My IPAD was fixed within 24 hours. I would highly recommend Lightspeeds PC Repair.

Jamala Okoh
Evans GA
February 24, 2016

Timely and satisfactory manner, at a reasonable price

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
Have used Lightspeeds for several years to fix problems, do general software clean-up and advise on avoiding problems on three laptops. The work has been consistently done in a timely and satisfactory manner, at a reasonable price.

Donald Davis
Evans, GA
February 9, 2016

Honest, fair, high quality computer repair

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
Lightspeeds Computer Repair replaced my broken laptop PC LCD screen very quickly and at a very affordable price. This repair would have cost twice as much anywhere else. I highly recommend this company to anyone who needs an honest, fair, high quality computer repair with a fast turn around time.

Daniel Dunham
Augusta GA
January 1, 2016

Great service & reasonably priced!

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
Great service & reasonably priced! My laptop would not power on. Went to 2 other places in town, first place told me they could not fixed it, the other place told me would cost $170. Found and called Lightspeeds PC, and he agreed to check the laptop out. Turned out the power connector pin inside of the laptop was broken, with an $89 estimate. Lightspeeds PC replaced the broken connector, repaired my laptop, and cleaned the inside including the fan all for $89. AAA+++ work! 😀

Paul Calvert
December 15, 2015

Excellent quality repair at a decent price!

Dropped my iPad and severely damaged the screen and 2 corners. Found Lightspeeds PC repair, and he had it back to looking brand new the following day as stated. Excellent quality repair at a decent price! Very happy! Highly recommend!

Deborah Hull
Martinez Georgia
December 2, 2015

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
Great service! Excellent repair price!

Gail Peckham
Augusta GA
December 1, 2015

Very good and reasonably priced!

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
I have used him three times now and have been very satisfied. I highly recommend him if you have computer problems. He is very good and reasonably priced.

Lori Parslow
Augusta GA
November 22, 2015

Thanks Lightspeeds for saving my computer!

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
Our computer was in storage for over 6 months and when we got it out it would not start up. We tried to restore,reboot,re-everything for 2 weeks with no luck. I thought it was headed to the recycler and we were going to just buy a new one but I wanted to make sure so I started looking for computer repair shops that were local and after a few phone calls and some outrageous estimates I came across Lightspeeds Computer Repair and it was my miracle of the day. Lightspeeds Pc not only brought my computer back to life, he also offered advice on how to keep it clean and running smoothly. He called me to let me know my OS was shot and explained what needed to be done and asked if it was okay. I was impressed with his professionalism and his speed! I dropped off my computer on Monday and it was ready on Wednesday. If you are looking for someone to repair your computer, call Lightspeeds, you will not be sorry. I appreciated the detailed estimate and the cost to fix my hot mess was a very pleasant surprise! Thanks Lightspeeds for saving my computer!

Jenni Lucas
Grovetown, GA
November 5, 2015

Absolutely first rate job! Many many thanks!

Had 3 iPad Air screens replaced and absolutely could not be more pleased with the service or price! Absolutely first rate job! Many many thanks, the grands were thrilled! Thank You Lightspeeds!

Martinez GA
October 23, 2015

Night & Day Difference, Great Price!

Night & Day. That’s the difference in my HP laptop’s performance since Lightspeeds PC repair tuned/cleaned it up this week. Very pleased with the results. This was my second interaction with Lightspeed over the past 3 years; both were extremely positive. He clearly had a heavy workload this week, but put every effort into getting my PC back to me in a timely manner–as he did the previous time I took it in. Unlike most computer repair personnel, he is generous with his knowledge and time–and always eager to share a tip or some sound advice. I also appreciate his thorough explanations of what he’s doing and why. In a town as small as Evans, I feel fortunate to be able to turn to Don for dependable computer support/expertise. He certainly is a valuable resource.

Al Mamatey
Evans GA
August 8, 2015

Miracle Man, Fantastic Work!

Lightspeeds computer repair is the Miracle Man. After fearing that I lost my entire system, hard drive included, I called Lightspeeds for consultation. Lightspeeds told me to bring him my computer and he would see what he could figure out. My Computer would lock up on Start Animation and it was determined that the OS was shot. He reinstalled my OS, recovered all of my Data, Files (My Documents) and reloaded them onto my computer. His turnaround time was unbelievable. I dropped my tower off on Friday and had it in hand Tuesday afternoon. HIS SERVICE IS, UNDOUBTEDLY, THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE IN THE AREA!!!! $25 FOR A DIAGNOSTIC TEST! I CALLED COMPUTER EXCHANGE AND THEY GAVE ME A QUOTE OF $90 FOR THE SAME SERVICE!!!!!!! YOU DO THE MATH! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LIGHTSPEEDS PC FOR ALL OF YOUR COMPUTER SERVICE, MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR NEEDS!

Dan S
Evans GA
July 16, 2015

Highly recommend, professional & affordable!

I have an HP laptop that has ALWAYS run hot. It was constantly having thermal shutdown. After searching the web repair centers in Augusta I came across Lightspeeds PC repair. I brought my laptop to him and told him about the issues thermal shutdown issues I had been experiencing. Unfortunately I also ended up needing a new hard-drive, probably due to a combination of the thermal issues and viruses. Lightspeeds did an amazing job. He fixed all the existing problems and installed a new hard-drive, software and he got my laptop back to me in about a week. (This is with having to order a new hard-drive on the 4th of July weekend!) The last time my laptop ran this well was when I took it out of the box. THANK YOU LIGHTSPEEDS!!

Tina Dusablon
Augusta, GA
July 9, 2015

Extremely knowledgeable, Knows His Stuff. 5+ Stars!

Pc Repair Augusta GA

My laptop was running very slow from start up menu and so I contacted Lightspeeds, who gave me some suggestions. Then through further virtual conversations, he had me download, “Team Viewer.” This program and Lightspeeds extensive knowledge allowed him to remotely solve the fatigue of my computer. It was amazing to watch. I am very pleased with the outcome of this diagnostic and fix. It was like my laptop received a B-12 Boost. He is extremely knowledgeable and will explain intricate details to you at a practical level of understanding. Thanks you! Will gladly recommend you to others.

June Denigris
Winter Springs, FL
June 28, 2015

First call for me for any future computer needs…

I recently needed to have some data retrieval from a computer that was non operational. I haven’t dealt with any local businesses for computer issues so I was a little apprehensive of who to call. I called Don at Lightspeeds PC and very glad I did. He was very thorough explaining what was going, quick service and very reasonable prices. I highly recommend Lightspeeds and will recommend them to all my friends! Lightspeed will be my first call for me for any future computer needs. Thanks Ron !

Steve Grinstead
Martinez GA
June 20, 2015



Evans GA
June 10, 2015

Great deal, and very trustworthy!

Quick and thorough. Restored my hard drive in a weekend. Easily explained how to take care of my computer for the future. Great deal, and very trustworthy!

Lisa Mangold
Augusta GA
June 9, 2015

Good job, will definitely be back!

You cannot beat his repair rates! I called every local repair shop in town, and stopped in at a few for quick diagnostics. Found lightspeeds pc repair and he knew the problem right off, repaired it for $90 LESS than estimates elsewhere. Had it back to me the following late afternoon. Laptop was repaired about 6 weeks ago now, has never ran any better. Included anti virus software, and the the right programs for keeping laptop running well. Good job, will definitely be back if I need you again!

Duane Phillips
Appling GA
June 1, 2015

Thanks for the great service!

My iPad had a screen which would not respond to touch in an area covering 25 % . You agreed to look at it, and successfully made the repair within a few days. The cost was reasonable and much better than a trade-in suggested by the store that sold it to me. Thanks for the great service.

Dave Moore
Aiken SC
April 27, 2015

I recommend their service without hesitation!

From the first conversation I had with Lightspeeds PC Repair, I was completely confident I found the right company to repair our terribly damaged iPad. Shipped from Illinois. They are professional, reasonably priced, and quick to respond in communications. The repair is almost unnoticeable which is amazing considering the IPad took a trip on the hood of the car before flying off onto the highway. I recommend their service without hesitation!

April 22, 2015

Quality service, and had a fantastic price!

My husband and I are very pleased with the service we received from Lightspeeds PC Repair. He was very quick, have quality service, and had a fantastic price! Thank you!

Codie Stevens
Augusta GA
March 18, 2015

Quick, efficient, and well-priced!

We used Lightspeed to repair a cracked iPad. The service was quick, efficient, and well-priced compared to the manufacturer. Polite customer service and great payment options.

John B
Augusta GA
March 17, 2015

Fast service and excellent results!

Quick service, reasonable price, great work! Fast service and excellent results – iPad repair.

Jeff Lacombe
Evans GA
March 10, 2015

A real guy, real good service, at a fair price. 5+ Stars!

Computer Repair

Ok, i never write comments. Unfortunately usually all to write about is mediocre, lackluster service. I took a chance here with Lightspeeds, and was pleasantly surprised. I received fast professional service that was refreshing. I was appraised of the progress during the repair, provided tracking numbers, photos, real written email updates. Not the robotic stuff being forced upon us. (press 1 for this, etc) A real guy, real good service, at a fair price. That warrants a good review. Also I’m located 1000 miles away. If you have any doubts whatsoever, I hope my comments help sway you. Regards.

Tim Mooney
February 19, 2015

Good job, fast service!

Good job, fast service. good price – desktop repair

David Wright
Martinez GA
February 18, 2015

Did not cost a fortune! Great work!

Took my iPad in with a totally cracked screen. Thought I would have to purchase a new ipad but Lightspeeds took care of my ipad and got it back in less than 24 hrs. Works perfectly and will use in the future.

Denise Carpenter
Grovetown GA
December 14, 2014

Super repair job on iPad!

iPad repair – Excellent professional job!

Patrick Yuengling
Augusta GA
December 4, 2014

Thank you for the excellent job!

Thank you for the excellent job you did on my computer. I highly recommend you! 5 STARS!!

Trish Vaughn
Evans GA
November 13, 2014

Marvelous job on my son’s iPad! – 5+ Stars!!

Lightspeed PC, you did a marvelous job on my son’s ipad! He was so excited, and me too, at how fast you were able to do the repairs- approx 24 hrs! Great customer service, Very Knowlegable, and reasonably priced. I will definitely send more business your way.

Jamire Lavant
Evans GA
September 10, 2014

Best place ever to get your computer repaired!

This is the best place ever to get your computer repaired! Ron is so nice and so knowledgeable about computers. He has your computer back to you very quickly and his prices are very reasonable! He is very honest and will let you know exactly what you need and then supplies you with a lot of information to keep your computer running well! I would not trust anyone else with my computers 🙂

Becky S
Evans GA
August 24, 2014

Great service & price! 5 Stars!

Very pleased and computer is working well. My daughter will be contacting you shortly to work on one.

CIndy Beatty
Augusta GA
July 13, 2014

Very satisfied with my computer! 5 Stars!!

Very satisfied with my computer! It was a quick turn around and now my computer is better than ever!!

Laura Griffin
Martinez GA
July 12, 2014

Great repair rates!

What amazing service and very knowledgeable! Thank you!

Grovetown GA
July 1, 2014

Lightspeeds PC knows his stuff…

Lightspeeds knows his stuff when it comes to computers and cleaned my computer up and now it runs fast. He took all the garbage out and personalty made sure the computer was running the way it was meant to run. Big stores just plug them up and run a couple of program cleaners through your computer charge you allot more and tell you everything is good now but the computer runs OK for a while but then slows down again. Lightspeeds PC made sure it’s cleaned and runs perfectly and even ran a few more programs through it. He gave it his own personal touch.

Donald Forsmark
Evans GA
June 28, 2014

Very Experienced 10+ Stars!

Took my laptop thinking the screen was broke.I thought I needed a new screen. Come to find out there were wires loose causing the screen not to work. If it was not for the honesty of Lightspeeds computer repair I would have not known the difference. Lightspeeds was quick to fix my laptop Im completely satisfied. He will get all my computer work from here on out!

Phillip Tussey
Evans GA
June 24, 2014

Look brand new! Thank you Lightspeeds PC!!

Lightspeeds PC is fantastic!!! 10 Stars!!! Brought in an iPad with a shattered screen on a Saturday and picked it up all shiny and new on Monday. Very knowledgeable and a super nice guy. Explained everything he was going to do, so I knew exactly what to expect. If I ever need this type of service again, I will definitely be calling on Lightspeeds PC.

Evans GA
June 16, 2014

Awesome work 5+ Stars

After my computer crashed and would not start, Lightspeeds was able to get it up and running. He then showed me how to keep it clean and running smoothly. I took in my other computer which hadn’t crashed yet and he cleaned it up, discovered a serious problem (fan was clogged up with dust) and fixed it. He is prompt, professional and efficient. Thanks Lightspeeds!!!!

David Singletary
Augusta GA
June 14, 2014

The way computer repair should be!

Finding Lightspeeds computer repair to help me with my computer was so helpful. It was running slow and had frequent pop-ups. Lightspeeds fixed my computer quickly and for a very affordable price in comparison to Best Buy. He also took the time when I picked up my computer to go over how to maintain it’s performance so that it continues to run smoothly in the future. I would highly recommend Lightspeeds Computer Repair to anyone! 5 star rating!

Jessica Simmons
Appling GA
June 2, 2014

Honest, Professional & Reasonable Rates!

Dropped and busted the lower casing & corner on my 8 month Dell laptop. Dell was no help what so ever, 3 other places I called, and went to could not repair the laptop. After finding Lightspeeds PC here in Evans, they located the replacement casing and had me fixed at very reasonable cost. Service was fast, friendly and professional. Highly recommended!

John Moschitta
Evans Ga
May 18, 2014


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