Computer Services

Computer Services
Computer Repair Services For Microsoft Windows Based Computers – Laptops, & iPad Screen Repair.
Microsoft Operating System Serviced – Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.

** I DO NOT service OR repair > MacBooks or Cell Phones **

Computer Diagnostic Estimate

Included, FREE with your authorized complete full repair of your device.
If you allow us to repair the problems, diagnostics estimate of repair is included. Your cost will be the repair cost only.

After the problem(s) & cost of repair have been determine, if the repair of is declined, diagnostic fee applies below for our time on your device:

  • Computer Diagnostics Repair Estimate (Estimate Only – Repair Declined) $30
    Non Refundable
  • Insurance Diagnostics Estimate & Complete Report $65
    Non Refundable. Includes complete insurance report document with estimate of repair, and answering any questions from your insurance company.


Computer Repair Services

Computer Services

  • To Many Ads – Popups Taking Over Your Screen? We Can Take Care Of That
  • New Computer Pre-Loaded By Manufacture With Junk Programs, Adware, Spyware? We Can Take Care Of That Also
  • Internet Connection Issues Resolved
  • Logon Password Removal
  • Operating System Repair & Recovery
  • Operating System Installation
  • Hard Drive Replacement – Installation

Computer Services

  • Solid State Drive Upgrades
    (Highly recommend upgrading to a Solid State Drive)
  • Hard Drive Cloning To SSD
  • Windows 10 Optimization Setup
  • Windows 10 Start Menu Custimization
  • Operating System Recovery Image Creation
  • Computer Hardware Upgrades


Computer Services


Specialized Laptop Hardware Services

Computer Services

  • Laptop New Keyboard Installation ** For Most Laptops **
  • Laptop Fan Replacement


Laptop Screen Repair:

  • Non Touch Screen Laptops Only – NO Macbooks or NO Tablets
  • Laptop Manufacture & Model# of your laptop IS REQUIRED for a screen replacement estimate
  • Completion Time = 4 – 5 Business Days. (Laptop Screens Are Special Order)

Repair Service Completion Times:

Laptop DC Power Jack Completion Time 4 – 5 Business Days (Special Order Part)

Laptop Screen Replacement Completion Time 4 – 5 Business Days (Special Order Part)

Laptop Cooling Repair Completion Time 1 – 3 Business Days

Laptop Fan Replacement Completion Time 4 – 5 Days (Special Order Part)

Computer Virus Malware Removal Completion Time 1 – 3 Business Days

iPad Touch Screen Replacement Completion Time 1 – 2 Business Days

** Completion time depends on existing scheduled repairs / workload ahead of your device, the extent of damage (viruses, malware etc) type of repair(s) and any special order components required. Repairs are serviced in the order they are received **

Computer Services

Computer Services Evans Augusta GA