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computer performance Augusta GAComputer running slow, unresponsive, internet connection & speed issues? Your computer does require regular maintenance for best optimal performance, speed & reliability. Off the shelf, manufactured computers are not optimally setup. Installs, toolbars, browser extensions, startup programs, system services all change over time and begin to bog down & degrade your computers overall speed. Along with viruses and malware overtime this can have a drastic effect on overall performance & productivity. About Lightspeeds PC

Lightspeeds computer performance optimization service is a flat rate complete tuneup repair service, to maximize the real performance in your computer.   Customer Testimonials & Reviews

** Operating Systems Serviced – Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 **

** Disclaimer: I Do Not service OR repair > MacBooks or Cell Phones **

Computer Performance Tuneup $89 NOW $75

* Discounted Pricing Expires 4-30-19 *

Flat rate repair, computer performance optimization, operating system tuneup and virus malware removal. Includes security AND system maintenance software. As long as the problems are not hardware related, this service will take care of any speed, performance and internet connection issues.

Service Includes:

  • Disk Cleanup
  • Virus – Malware – Spyware – Adware Detection & Removal Repair
  • System Registry Cleaned, Optimized & Compacted
  • Browsers Addons, Extensions Scanned & History Cleaned
  • Pre-Installed Manufacture Spyware – Adware – “Bloatware – Junkware” Removed
  • System Startup Programs Optimized For Performance
  • Optimize Memory Usage For Best Performance
  • System Services Optimized For Performance
  • Computer CPU Temperature Checked
  • Internal Case Cleaned (Desktops)
  • Anti Virus Software – Installed FREE
  • Malware Scanners – Installed FREE
  • Computer Maintenance Software
  • Chrome or Firefox Installed
  • uBlock Origin Browser Extension – Ad, Malware & Tracking Blocker Installed
  • Hardware Drivers Checked For Updates
  • Operating System Updates Applied
  • Hard Drive Optimized For Performance

PC Tuneup Completion Time 1 – 2 Business Days

Completion times depends on the computers current performance, and existing scheduled repairs.

** Prices Subject To Change **


So, What Is With This Computer Optimization Thing?

computer performance Augusta GAYour computers performance can slow down overtime due to a variety of reasons. Accumulated junk & clutter left behind from program uninstalls, excessive startup programs, viruses, malware, spyware, overheating, drive fragmentation, low drive space, low memory, failing hard drive, etc.

Computer manufactures have a bad habit of pre-installing non needed “bloatware”, spyware, adware for advertising purposes. Your brand new computer is not optimized for speed, performance or security off the store shelf. Your computer does need periodic regular maintenance to maintain optimal performance, either done by the computer user OR taken in for service.

iDrive – 1 Year Automatic Data Backup & Recovery $52.12

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