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Computer RepairLightspeeds Computer repair specializes in laptop screen repair, dc power jack repairs, virus removal repair, hard drive replacement at reasonable prices.

Lightspeeds pc is a self owned independent home computer repair service located in Evans Augusta GA.

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Laptop Screen Replacement Augusta Georgia

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Lightspeeeds PC Repair offers the lowest price laptop screen replacement repair service located in Augusta Georgia. Laptop, notebook lcd screen are very delicate. Laptop screens can and will crack, shatter and can be damaged very easily mainly due to the mobility & use of the laptop.

Laptop Screen Replacement Installation At $45

New Replacement Laptop Screen ...

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Asus G72Gx Series – DC Power Short – Burned Out Motherboard

Customer came in yesterday with a Asus G72Gz gaming laptop. Stated he believed his dc power jack had a short and was broken. Well it ended up not being the dc jack, but something else much more major. Customer then proceeded to tell me he left the house, left the laptop plugged in and came home later. Stating he thought there might of been a power surge while he was gone, laptop would not turn on.

When the Asus G72Gx ...

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Cracked Laptop Screen Repair – Augusta GA

Posted by: Lightspeeds PC Repair

Dropped your laptop? Stepped on laptop and cracked the LCD screen? If the laptops screen is cracked, the only repair of that cracked laptop screen is replacement.

As you probably know by now, the laptops screen and the display lid casing is very thin, extremely delicate. One slight drop, or the slightest pressure on the back of screen lid can result in a cracked screen on a laptop or notebook. Close the ...

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