Dell Inspiron N5050 Windows 10 Compatibility – Solved!

Dell Inspiron m5050Customer came in with a Dell Insprion N5050 which was upgraded to Windows 10 recently and has not really worked properly since the upgrade, and recently would not boot up at all. The Dell Inspiron N5050 model laptop needs Bio’s update “A05” on Dells website for Windows 10 to function properly.

Entered the advanced repair options for Windows 10 on the laptop, system restore AND “reset” pc ...

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How do I maintain my laptop? Maintenance Tips

Your laptop is a very delicate piece of electronics. With proper care of your laptop, and periodic maintenance that you can very well do yourself, your investment will last you a good long time. Care and maintenance tips below will help you keep your laptop running well, and problem free.
Laptop Maintenance Tips

  • Make a backup recovery system disk:
    Very important – used for full ...
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    How To Secure Your Network In 10 Easy Steps

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    Wirelsss Network Security Stumbled upon a great article written about the importance of checking your home wireless network security. Why you should check your networks security, and how to “tighten” or secure your wireless network in 10 easy steps.


    • Change Your Router’s Default Password


    • Upgrade ...
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    TDDSKiller Anti Rootkit Remover

    Anti Rootkit TDSSKillerTDDSKiller is a free rootkit removal utility by Kaspersky Labs. TDSSKiller has been excellent at detecting, curing and removing specific rootkit buried on the hard drive. I have utilized TDSSKiller many times and has never failed me once. If you have all your anti virus, malware scanners and pc still showing signs of infection, run TDSSKiller through to see if it detects any rootkit or ...

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    FBI Virus Removal Using Windows Defender Offline

    Windows Defender OfflineYes, Windows Defender will removal the FBI or Department Of Justice virus lock-down on your computer. With or without Safe Mode use. Windows Defender that is a standard program by Microsoft on it’s operating system is basically a useless program I usually have disabled. BUT it’s offline / boot cd version does a great job removing the “FBI” or Department Of Justice” virus. There are ...

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