Windows 10 – How To Back Up & Restore An System Image File

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Windows 10“Has your Windows 10 environment ever become so hosed that it was unusable? A special backup feature from Microsoft could rescue you should you ever find yourself in that predicament.

Known as System Image Backup, the feature creates an entire image file of Windows 10 rather than just select folders and files, like File History. This way if Windows ever gets corrupted, crashes, ...

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Dell Inspiron N5050 Windows 10 Compatibility – Solved!

Dell Inspiron m5050Customer came in with a Dell Insprion N5050 which was upgraded to Windows 10 recently and has not really worked properly since the upgrade, and recently would not boot up at all. The Dell Inspiron N5050 model laptop needs Bio’s update “A05” on Dells website for Windows 10 to function properly.

Entered the advanced repair options for Windows 10 on the laptop, system restore AND “reset” pc ...

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How To Access Windows 10 Safe Mode

Safe ModeJust as in Windows 8, 8.1, the older way to access windows “F8” safe mode on Windows 10 is still disabled by default. With a simple command entry you can enable the old style “F8” boot entry key.

The recovery repair environment in windows 8, 8.1 and 10 actually provides you with additional repair & recovery features. The trouble is, accessing these features on a ...

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System Restore Error 0x81000203 – Solved

System Restore tab is either missing from “My Computer” properties menu or, the tab is there but produces an error code of 0x81000203. This error comes about when one or both of these 2 services are not running – Volume Shadow Copy & Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider.

System Restore error 0x81000203 on a recent computer here, “Volume Shadow Copy” was set to manual and service was running. “Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider” service was set as “disabled”… not running. “Microsoft ...

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