Battlefield 3: Aftermath Premiere Trailer

Battlefield 3: Aftermath Premiere Trailer

They sure do make these Premiere trailers look good, to bad the game is still very much broken, along with Battlelog.

Well after almost 12 months of BF3, since 10-25-11 release date, I have 894 play time hours in. And as of last week i have sort of lost interest in the game. I’ll be posting a complete review of Battlefield 3 here shortly.

In short, the game has great graphics and audio, but gameplay is still broken for PC. Numerous patches seem to break the game even more. Very poor hit detection on PC. And as in many pc games, it has had it’s share of hacker/cheaters. One thing different about the hackers in BF3 is EA/Dice seem to do nothing about it, so not prevent it. It’s all about money and EA/Dice getting a cut from hacks and cheats being sold does not surprise me at all, from what I have seen the last 12 months.

More to follow…………..

My profile on Battlelog: SledgeHammer1945


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