Asus M5A97 EVO – Flashing Bios With EZ Flash 2

“EZ Flash 2” is built into the Asus M5A97 EVO motherboard bios under “Tools” menu.

I went from the very first bios version 0402 to the latest (as of 4-2-13) 1604
(Careful this is Windows 7 64 Bit Page above)

Asus M5A97 EvoI was reluctant to flash & update the bios. I have repaired computers for a long time, but bios flashing can be dangerous as to basically killing the motherboard. PC has been running great on the older bios, but ordered a few days ago a GTX 660 TI graphics card. Have read that some had problem with the new card on the newer UEFI bios and a bios update would take care of that. Updating the bios here in preparation for the GTX 660 TI graphics card delivery, and the newer bios now provides compatibility for the newer “AMD FX’ processors.

A bad bios flash (update) can what they call “brick” the motherboard, also known as no post, no power or dead motherboard.

*** Note – Proceed At Your Own Risk ***


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Preparation For The Bios Flash:

As a precautionary measure, backup your important data on drive. I did not have reinstall the OS everything booted normalyy after flashing the bios for me.

Backup or write down your current bios settings.

Backup or write down your overclock profiles (if any) and settings – I lost this after the update.

M5A97 Evo BiosUSB Flash Thumb Drive – formatted in Fat32 or Fat 16 (NTFS formatting will not work)

How to format flash thumb drive: insert drive into pc, go to “My Computer”, right click on usb flash drive and choose “FORMAT”, choose FAT or FAT32, UNCHECK “Quick Format”, click Start.

Thumb drive should now be blank formatted in FAT or FAT32. UEFI bios will not recognize thumb drive in NTFS format. Also make sure the thumb drive has only ONE partition.

Download M5A97 Evo Bios File – save and extract the “rom” file

Copy the extracted “rom” file over to the formatted “Fat” thumb drive.

Best to use a PS2 type keyboard during bios update. Have heard others lost function of there usb keyboard in the middle of a bios flash. I plugged in a PS2 keyboard for the bios flash.

DO NOT power your computer off or restart in the middle of a bios update – outcome will be a failure.

iDrive Offsite Backup


Very Important:

Asus M5A97 EvoBefore proceeding the flash to motherboards bios, make sure your bios is set at ALL default settings. DO NOT flash the bios while running overclock settings.

Boot into Bios and press F5 or “Load Default”, save, exit bios and make sure your at stock default settings.

Unplugged all other devices, usb cables, printer etc etc for your mouse and keyboard.

Insert the formatted Fat USB Thumb drive with the updated Bios file into the computer. I used the rear motherboard 2.0 usb ports, NOT the front case panel usb’s.
(USB Flash Disk has to be inserted before boot to enter BIOS, otherwise it won’t be detected).

Restart the computer, during BIOS restart, press DELETE to enter BIOS Setup again.

Under Tools menu, select ASUS EZ Flash 2. It may take 10 seconds for the drives to show up. Select a drive in the left pane . Use and arrows and to select a drive. (My mouse, keyboard, tab keys worked for me) If you don’t see the BIOS file in the right pane, check the other drives. Note that the drive letters may not be the same here as in Windows. Your looking for the formatted FAT Thumb drive with the new bios rom file.

Select the BIOS file and press Enter, you will be prompted once or twice making sure it is the correct file and to proceed to start flashing. Supervise the update. Once I gave the “ok” to proceed all I seen was a yellow “Processing Bar” or slider that took about 3-4 minutes to progress to the right and complete. When it was done I seen “Update Successful” and to “restart”.

“Restart” actually powered my pc off for about 5 seconds automatically, then it powered back up and posted!

I entered bios to check bios version number to see the update. The Asus M5A97 EVO Bios reported the new version which was 1604. I exited bios and booted into windows without any problems from there.

The above all went well for me. Did this about 2 hours ago on computer I am on right now, running fine. The only thing I lost was the Overclock profiles (settings) I had saved in Bios, nothing major there. I did have to change back my “Sata Drive” configuration back to “IDE” setting, for the “ACHI” never worked for me.
Once again if you do not have to update the bios, don’t. If everything is running fine leave it alone. Luckily everything above and using the EZ Flash utility built into the bios worked for me. I actually ran thru 2 trial runs without actually selecting the updated bios before hand.


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