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Cracked, shattered, damaged iPad glass touch screen? We can fix so it looks brand new again! iPad Screen Repair service & pricing below, replaces the damaged iPad touch screen digitizer with a quality grade AA+ brand new touch screen digitizer. 2700+ iPad repairs since 2011, locally and from out of state.
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iPad 2

$89 $69

iPad Screen Repair


iPad 3

$89 $69

iPad Screen Repair


iPad 4

$89 $69

iPad Screen Repair


iPad Air 1

$99 $89

iPad Screen Repair


iPad Mini 1 Touch Screen Repair $89 $79

iPad Mini 2 Touch Screen Repair $89 $79

** I Do Not Service or Repair - iPad Mini 3 & 4, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro or 2017 5th Gen Air **

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** All Prices Subject To Change **

Completion Time 1 – 2 Business Days:

Usually completed by the following business day, unless specified otherwise. 24 hour minimum to properly repair & service your iPad. Repair time depends on current existing repairs, frame-corner damage, and component availability. Repairs are serviced in the order they are received.

iPad Air Repair

Included In Repair

iPad Screen replacement cannot be completed with any dents in the aluminum base frame. Dents to the frame & corners must be reshaped for the new touch screen to install properly. “Dents” are not a problem, dent repair IS INCLUDED in the standard repair. Terms Of Services – Disclaimer

NOT INCLUDED – Corner Or Frame Alignment $15-$25
ipad-corner-alignment_bCost depends on the extent & amount of alignment damage to the corners & frame. This severe damage MUST BE repairable otherwise a new touch screen cannot be installed.

Major Frame Damage Includes: bent out of alignment corners, twisted bent frame or jammed in power, volume switches. The new touch screen will not install properly with this type of damage. IF REPAIRABLE, this type of major frame or corner damage complicates the standard touch screen replacement service, and adds more time & labor to the repair.

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